si ballistic

  1. weshardeniv

    Hello all!

    Long time lurker, first time poster from the Northern Virginia area! Like all of you I have an obsession with Oakley's, that started when I was a kid and strong armed my parents into my first pair of Eye Jackets in the mid 90's. Since that time I have probably owned over 20 pairs (if not...
  2. jesterretsej696

    Picked these up in Las Vegas...

    Picked these up while in Las Vegas three weeks ago.
  3. U

    Buying Oakley SI Crosshair OO4069-03

    looking to buy a pair of the SI Ballistic Crosshair with Prizm lenses. If you have a pair, please message me. Thanks!
  4. U

    Sold BNIB Matte Black Shocktubes w/ TR22 lenses

    Selling a pair of BNIB Shocktubes. Got to many pairs of glasses and need to thin out some of the collection. Asking $150 PayPal G&S shipped CONUS.
  5. R

    Lenses for SI Ballistic m Frame 2.0

    So i want to know what kind of lenses i can use for my 2.0 m frame. Will: Oakley M2 FRAME REPLACEMENT LENS | Official Oakley Store fit? Or am i limited to the black, brown and white colors? Can someone tell me which will fit, and which will not even though they really look like they do :)...