si boots

  1. U


    Hey guys, I'm looking for Assault SI Boots, all colors and sizes. Thank you
  2. Lupetto

    Gatling six Elite boots ( artist series )

    looking for information about these boots, thanks! What makes these elite? So far I got info they were an event item: Naomi South eternal.
  3. RMZ21

    My Very first purchases for 2015

    My very first purchases for the year, First Gen XX 24k X Metal and a SI Assault Boots 6...:)
  4. jacitno

    How much do Oakley Boots cost on Standard Issue (SI)?

    Hi everyone I need a favor, I will soon be joining oakley SI. The problem is that I cant activate my email till next week. But i need to e buy a pair of boots for my new job asap. I have two options; wait for my oakleysi account to be verified, and until then place my order or buy a different...