si coin

  1. U

    For Sale  Keychain SI Coin

    Not sure if someone want this... SI Coin with drilled hole and a welded ring (without keys of course) for sale. 😄 Got this, as it is, back in the days for a military coin check challenge. But I just put it on a keyring for this photo. I didn't used it daily, just to keep the coin cool...
  2. U

    For Sale  Combo Si coin+Jannard medusa memory stick.

    combo price 300$ for both and shipped worldwide. Condition is great one mark on edge of coin not seen from front or back view. Coin plus a memory stick of Jim Jannard wearing a medusa and smocking a Romeo cigar. Thanks for checking!
  3. The_Darkone

    SI Coin Abundance

    Where are all the new abundance of SI coins coming from? For a long time you couldn't find or even hear about the SI 453 Coin. Now in the last few weeks I have seen multiple on e-Bay and the forum.