side blinders

  1. U

    For Sale Sideblinder

    durable material sideblinder, available for double x and juliet One pair 16u$ more shipping cost Teen pairs 100u$ more shipping cost Here are some pictures, I have lenses, rubber kits and microfiber bags too
  2. T

    Plasma work if

    Work I did this week, plasma treatment on an old carbon straight base violet lenses, purple erasers and sideblinder Follow the photos
  3. V

    Oakley side blinders

    Greetings to all O-Bros FYI Oakley enthusiast for those who are looking for Side blinders for Penny,Juliet and XX its now available at Ebay you can check it from there. Handmade craft and its a rubber material.
  4. ariel99

    Update For Penny Side Blinder

    Penny Side Blinders - Update - Pics Below!