1. cacatman

    Oakley Asian (Asia) Fit vs. Standard – Differences Explained

    Updated 6th May, 2021 by @cacatman Oakley Asian Fit vs. Standard Fit Sunglasses Oakley Asian Fit compared to Standard fit will vary from frame to frame (more on that below). But generally Asian fit will modify one or many parts of your sunglasses including: Larger Nose Pads – Asian fit...
  2. B

    Frogskins Sizing

    i have an older pair of gloss black/ grey Frogskins (model 03-118) that measure 53-19 on the inside temple. I recently bought a new pair of Frogskins that measure 55-17. The new pair doesn't fit nearly as well as the old pair and I was wondering when this change was made. Is the old sizing...