skate deck frogskins

  1. time2fly

    Oakley Blue/+ Red Surf Deck Frogskins?

    Hey, don't know if anyone saw these, but there is a pair of the Blue/Positive Red Iridium Surf Deck Frogskins up on ebay. From what I understand, these weren't released correct? I remember seeing previews for them, but then only the Red showing up in stores. Nice RARE Oakley "Surf Deck"...
  2. 702baby

    120th "Buy" Of 2013

  3. C

    Skate Decks Arrived!

    New skate decks came in today, it's to bad I'm waiting for the rag and bones to come now... Lol the colors on the skate decks are gorgeous, it's also tough to beat the fact that they are one of a kind.
  4. rightcoastnj

    Skate Deck Frogs + Lens Swap

    So I picked up the skate deck frogs yesterday since of course Friday is pay day and the local surf shop had them there and I'm weak lol... I love em, but since I first saw them I had to see what theyd look like with ice iridium lenses.. without further ado: pre swap post swap
  5. s3sunruh


    Went to the mall today on the off chance they would have something like a Jupiter Factory Lite (they did...) but I found myself walking away with something far more special IMO. I was told these are rather limited. Hope someone could confirm some numbers for me. :wink...
  6. mpmcgaughey

    Oakley Classic Craftsman Collection – Frogskins & More

    Sawweeettt :oP Oakley Classic Craftsman Collection - Frogskins & More