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    Sold Display: Craftsman Skate Deck Collection!

    Hey Again, In this thread I have a wicked piece from the Craftsman series, It was an in display glorifier. Pricing includes shipping to CONUS + PayPal Fee's. (International shipping is available, please inquire for quote.) SOLD Condition: 10/10 Comes with easel back card. Thanks for...
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    Sold Various X-Metals (R1, XX XM, XS OO BIP, Juliet Black Tie) & more

    I have put together a consolidated thread of almost everything that I am selling. I am travelling right now, so I will add all pictures on Monday when I get back home. Some I have on my phone so I'm adding right now Prices include Shipping ConUS, G&S (for seller protection I can only ship to...
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    In the spirit of the holidays, and seeing the success of the Christmas giveaways by @LinusOBerlin @Fernando & @OakleyTrader15 , I figured that I would join the party with an item that seems to be highly sought after, specially for most of you display shelf whores. My giveaway is a Brand New...