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    Sold  Sliver F - Grey Ink, Violet Iridium Polarized

    Have a pair of Sliver Fs I’m gonna part with. Grey Ink frame, violet iridium polarized lenses. No marks on the outside of the lenses, however there is a small mark on the inside where the ear stem hit it when it was folded. It doesn’t affect vision at all. Comes with the Oakley hard case...
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    Sold  Sliver F: OO9246-07 Matte Black Violet Polarized, OO9246-17 Matte Olive Tungsten Polarized

    Both pairs of these glasses have been worn maybe a handful of times. Both in excellent, like new condition. For some reason the Matte Black/Purple pair came in the wrong box. OO9246-17 Matte Olive Tungsten Polarized - $120 SOLD Album OO9246-07 Matte Black Violet Iridium Polarized - $120 SOLD Album
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    2016 Black Friday deals

    Get your bargains... Oakley Black Friday Delas Collection For Men | Oakley Store Some boring stuff, but the M2 Frame XL is a steal at $40 Oakley M2 Frame XL in ATOMIC ORANGE / GRAY | Oakley Sliver F starting st $65 Oakley Sliver Foldable Polarized in MATTE GRAY INK / VIOLET IRIDIUM...
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    Trading  I need Suede Straight Jackets!!

    Hey guys, its your pal, Sir Rossi. I am incredibly new to this forum, after having been on o-review for a while. (big forums are scary:unsure:) Anyway, I've been searching tirelessly for suede straight jackets, and so far, the only person who has them does not want to part with them (completely...
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    Sliver F Polished Black Sunglasses

    Tested the regular sliver and end up with the F with polarised black iridium.