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    For Sale  Wedding sale Part 2!

    Found some more stuff so it goes in to the wedding fund! moto GP sliver XL Spielberg edition OO9341-2457 $115 shipped Oakley Ferrari Tinfoil Carbon 9/10 (box is damaged and won’t close but comes with Ferrari hard case $210 shipped MPH Max fear light Holbrook with light grey. Super rare...
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    For Sale  Oakley MotoGP Collection Spielberg Sliver™ XL

    Hi all! i have a Oakley MotoGP Collection Spielberg Sliver™ XL Limited Edition Sunglasses. these are sealed in box and come with the bad man case! I hate to see these go but with moving costs and such I have to! I’m looking to get $300 shipped to the U.S! Only 100 of these things exist!
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    For Sale  Metals sliver xl lead torch iridium

    I bought these from a retailer they do not come with the case or a bag. You are buying the sliver xl w Oakley iridium lenses and the yellow revant lenses. There is a very tiny scratch on the right lense and a tiny little dot scratch on the left lense. Neither affect vision for me and they were...
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    hello OF community, like the titel says - i‘m looking for the MotoGP Spielberg edition! please send me your offers . . .
  5. S

    Turbine or sliver s

    I really like the new prizm ruby's nice and vibrant.. Very consistent color..but can't decide which pair to get.. Turbine or sliver xl. I never had those frames... So i don't know anything about their fit or wrap...
  6. S

    Prizm Ruby or 24K Gold Iridium

    So i want to add a new oakley to my collection.. but this time i want a lifestyle pair.. because all i have are sports models.. but i don't have any lifestyle pair.. So i am currently stuck between these two lenses.. Prizm Ruby (Ruby Fade Collection) and 24K Gold Iridium.. I want to buy Sliver XL...
  7. The_Darkone

    Oakley MotoGP craziness

    Craziness Oakley has released another MotoGP limited 100 pairs for Spielberg. Are they going to do one for every track? Oakley Sliver™ XL PRIZM™ Spielberg MotoGP™ Limited Edition MATTE BLACK, Prizm Sapphire | Oakley US Store