snow camo

  1. Igor gabriel

    Night camo snow?

    Someone can tell me more about this snow set (year,name,and rarity) I know that have 2 more models of jacket and is like the nickel tiger but on this colorwat
  2. U

    Sold  Trenchcoats - Camo & Snow Jungle.

    Hi Guys, Decided to sell this awesome couple of Trenchcoats. Frames and rubbers on both are in good condition and make great display pairs.. Lenses have signs of wear and some delamination. Camo lenses are still wearable as issues are mainly peripheral 7/10. Snow Jungle lenses have more...
  3. U

    For Sale  Oakley Monster Dog white camo w/ grey lens Snow Camo

    This is a mint condition pair of Oakley Snow Camo Monster Dog glasses. I have had these in my collection for a bit now and have never worn them. The original box is NOT included but a box from another pair will be included for protection and storage. The glasses have been stored inside the...
  4. U

    Found  any or all Monster Dogs-night/snow camo, tribal, olive-thanks!