1. skg

    Anyone know anything about new radar lenses?

    Hi, do anybody know when/if there are going to be realeased knew radar lenses? I'm thinking of a brighter prizm snow lens, like the hi-pink or rose. Anyone know? Thanks
  2. U

    Sold Clifdens

    Recently picked these up in a bulk deal; just not for me. Hoping to pass them along to someone to can pull them off. Matte Olive with Prizm Tungsten Polarized - $130 Matte Black with Prizm Snow Black - $100 Matte Black with Prizm Snow Torch - $100
  3. U

    For Sale Turbine Prizm Daily Polarized

    All, I have two items I'd like to move... 1. Turbine, Polished Black w/ Prizm Daily Polarized - Pair is practically brand new, wore a handful of times but mostly sat in my case. Lenses are 10/10, Frame is 9/10 only because its polished so there are minor cleaning marks. Ear stems are 10/10...
  4. Igor gabriel

    Night camo snow?

    Someone can tell me more about this snow set (year,name,and rarity) I know that have 2 more models of jacket and is like the nickel tiger but on this colorwat
  5. U

    Sold BNIB Jawbreaker Snow Sapphire prizm

    BNIB Jawbreaker Snow Sapphire prizm. Never worn or displayed, includes everything that comes with them from Oakley, stickers still on. Included with the pair: box, vault, extra nose piece, mf bag, documentation (see pics) Price: $125 shipped USA
  6. U

    For Sale Hoodies and girls snowboard coat

    Navy hoodie - Men’s XL - I’ve only worn this a handful of times since it’s pretty big/baggy — $25 Green hoodie - men’s L — cool skull print all over - well worn, but in great shape - $15 Gretchen Bleiler snowboard coat - ladies small - excellent shape - lots of cool features- $80 I’ll cover...
  7. U

    Buying Snow Pack (Snowboard Backpack)

    Hey Guys! I'm looking for this Snow Pack backpack in Olive Green colour. If you happen to find one, or have one for sale, please let me know! I would really appreciate your help! Many thanks in advance!
  8. U

    For Sale Snow/Motocross Goggle OEM New Oakley Replacement Straps $12 CONUSA

    New Oakley Replacement elastic straps for snow goggles/motocross goggles for sale Each $10 -> $7 + $5 shipping CONUSA/$15 International shipping HOW TO ORDER Please COPY/PASTE the following in a PM me. ____________________________________________________ Name - Postal Address - Country -...
  9. sybiria

    Inferno Prizm (Snowboarding)

    Nice new snow goggle tech. Similar to the cars windshield it heats up the lens (no fogging, condensation etc) The Coolest Ski Accessories to Buy Next Winter Seems promising!