1. S

    New Backpack

    got a new backpack £50 and a software hoodie £7 , should come in handy over summer!
  2. O

    How Big is the Software Sandbag

    Wanting to buy the software sandbag eventually 🙄, just wondering how big it is? Like is large back pack size or smaller. (:
  3. U

    Buying Kevlar wallet

    Looking for a large size carbon fiber/kevlar wallet, preferably in the black/grey colourway (in the mid).
  4. tacticalmusician

    Split Thump trouble

    Hey, everyone. I just acquired a pair of Split THUMPs and I'm trying to get them working. They charge and are showing the green light, but they will not power on. The manual has not been helpful at all and the firmware update from the website doesn't seem to work on my Windows 10 laptop. And...