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    Sold  Monsterdog custom

    Hello hello. Up for sale is a freshly done custom Dog. The lenses that came with the frame are black but arent perfect so I didnt install them.. i figured someone who buys this may have another option in mind anyway. I'd rate the lenses around a 6. Useable but could be better. Frame is now new...
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    Sold  2 custom switchlocks... rj and jawbone

    Looking to sell both of these for $153.50 each. Obo. Everything is brand new. Done and finished up today.. USA splatter sold.. Potential interested candidates @Beardo0628 @TheDukeOfIce @cacatman @Cutch22 @JawboneJuliet USA splatter fade prizm road vented Ripped Camo black iridium...
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    Sold  Custom Badmans x 2

    Up for sale are two beautiful custom Badmans. Both are in mint, never worn condition. Come with microfibre bag shown. 1) Soulfulfrog custom snow camo with Prism daily polarized lenses. 2) Black frame with polarized sapphire lenses. $OLD each shipped anywhere in NA.
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    Sold  Custom split.. heat sensitive paint..

    Looking for 125 these I did for my son but he never picks them to use.. maybe I got the color wrong. Lenses are fire vented but they are prob a 5/10. But some would say ...."bro your crazy these are like a 7/10"...but I dont wanna over rate them at all... totally Usable but I would...
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    For Sale  1 Jawbone and 2 RJs Soulful style

    Listing a few custom pairs I dont use. I figure maybe someone can enjoy them.. 1) neon purpleberry with colorshift icons and through bolts white rubbers, and prizm trail mint lenses never used. Racing Jacket 145 gets em 2) purple/cyan and gold metallic paint polished clear coat. Purple...
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    Sold  Copper metallic flake Holbrook.

    I was close to buying a polished xs this morn but my PayPal account said otherwise lol. So I'm gonna try to sell something to cover the rest. I just did these about 2 weeks ago. They are fantastic in person and the photos don't show it's true beauty. Anyway. 125 gets them. They are brand new.
  7. Soulfulfrog

    SOULFULFROG's I'm tryin my best thread.

    All these I've picked up in the last 3 months. I got addicted to the 1st gens. Let me know what everyone thinks. Am I crazy. :-)
  8. Soulfulfrog

    SOULFULFROG's Racing Jacket & Jawbone collection

    I think it's time I show what ones I have. On my been into this style frame for about 6 months.. I sold a couple but most are here. I think now I have all the colors I really want so I'll prob just look for beaters and paint them.
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    Sold  Burnt Bronze RJ

    Full cerakote burnt bronze is the name of the color... RJ and frog combo. The color is like a dark chocolate brown with metallic in it. Very nice color and It's a really great in person... comes with prizm trail vented of course and the frogskin with black polar. Frames and lenses are brand...
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    For Sale  Galaxy Brooks.

    Check me out. $140. Violet lenses. USA and Canada shipping included.. For that oakley/star wars
  11. Soulfulfrog

    Soulful X-metal. What the heck

    Holy crap. I actually did a pair of metals. Lol. AND.... I can post here in the metal area. Damn. I'm movin up to the high class now. Ok. Now be nice. I know it's nothing special but I had to do one for me.. lol.
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    For Sale  Custom Soulful slivers

    A bunch of custom slivers for your help. Trying to buy a specific pair that is available and need to make some cash... Prices are obo Banana beat cerakote slivers with black Iridium 120 Spectracoat blue slivers with sapph Sold New Valentine sliver with pos red polar. Sold pending...
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    Sold  More stuff but cheaper.

    Hunter orange cerakote frogs with violet. 99 Carbon fiber grey 95 Distress mint and yellow black polar. 120 Green camo dip. With jade 110. Thanks again for looking.
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    Rasta frogs black Iridium 125 Graffiti frogs sapphire 110 obo Chameleon Racers positive red 120 obo Gummy bears positive red 125 Prices are always negotiable as you know me. Thanks for checkin it out.. I have a bunch more to post this afternoon. About 8 or so more. Brian/soulful
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    For Sale  A few customs and others [HOLBROOKS!!!!]

    Skate decks are used but in new condition( this one is not an exciting one). . (No box or matching bag).. 120 Ink fade Holbrook non polar chrome 110 or I can change to something else. Chameleon purple/blue sapphire most lenses available (new) Neon with fire 160 Gold and black distress...