1. U

    Sold  Miltary Duffel Bag & Ruck Sack

    For sale is a pair of bags that were part of Oakley's Soviet line they had a while back. Both bags are in great shape and will only look better as they age, since they're meant to be distressed looking. Pretty nice bags with lots of space. The duffel is huge! Prices include shipping to CONUS...
  2. U

    Found  Soviet pin and gascans

    I haven't seen this one before but seems pretty sweet.
  3. U

    Buying  Pins

    Looking for random Oakley pins. grenade, Flying, Military etc. Not looking for heritage, olympic, Jupiter camo, or YSC thanks!
  4. Peter Gilley

    Soviet Hijinx!

    Got em! great craigslist find.... Stoked!:biggrin::biggrin: soviet hijinx | Flickr - Photo Sharing!