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    Sold  Holbrook Matte Carbon Fiber (SOLD)

    Hi everyone, I am selling my all time favorite glasses. To me that have been my prized special pair of sunglasses, my Holbrook, 2017 Holiday Special Edition, Matte Carbon Fiber with Black Iridium Polarized. I do have Sapphire Polarized as well that can be bundled with or put in. I have a...
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    Sold  Trevor Andrew "Glow in the Dark" Frogskins

    Got a pair of these that are essentially new in the box. Box does show some wear from storage, but glasses are new. Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking for $250 shipped in the US.
  3. I

    Question about Oakley SI older m frames

    I recently bought this m frames and I was wandering about them that these lenses will fit. They seem to be some of the earlier models that don’t have the clip that goes though the top of the Lens. The are still 2.0 m frames maybe the current m frames lenses will work ??? Help !!!!
  4. U

    Buying  Ghost Text or History Text sunglasses . . . Gascan, Hijinx, Scapel and so on

    hello community, like the titel says . . . i‘m looking for some Ghost Text or History Text sunglasses: Gascan, Hijinx, Scapel, Straight Jacket or what you are willing to let go. please send me a PM what you have! thank you.... BTW if you have some clothing i need size Large ;)
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    hello OF community, like the titel says - i‘m looking for the MotoGP Spielberg edition! please send me your offers . . .
  6. The_Darkone

    And so the MotoGP continues

    Special Edition MotoGP Sliver. At least they have stopped saying limited edition, lol
  7. 702baby

    Fragment Design Latch

    Another Japan exclusive, approximately $215 each and looks like there's two color combinations.
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    Sold  Stephen Murray Fuel Cell---New Condition w/case, Polarized

    For Sale is a truly beautiful pair of Stephen Murray Fuel Cells. Decorative and black polished frame with Black Iridium Polarized Lenses. I am selling to help fund a vacation and these were originally bought from an "O" brother. The Frame and Lens are flawless, comes with matching decorated...
  9. 702baby

    WTAPS Frogskins

    WTAPS x Oakley Summer 2016 Frogskin Sunglasses | BallerStatus.com WTAPS and Oakley Bring It Back to 1985 With the Re-Release of the Frogskins Sunglasses
  10. The_Darkone

    Latch Special Edition

    Just caught these Oakley Latch Special Edition Sunglasses up on the site! I ordered some new stuff on Oakley today hit a certain price point and they added this to my cart for free. I was so excited. Only to get an email 10 minutes later that still had all my items except this item was...
  11. Raptor

    Special Edition Jawbones?

    Hi guys was just wondering if anyone have a list of all the special edition Jawbone's/racing jackets that came out and also the numbers produced. Sorry if this was already discussed :D