1. U

    Sold  Frogskins Lite - Splatter Metallic edition

    Brand new in box. $100 shipped.
  2. U

    Sold  Frame Hijinx Green Black Splatter

    Frame Hijinx Green Black Splatter Frame in good condition, some slight scratches on the logos and the frame. Price $ 60 Free shipping to usa Pay by Paypal
  3. U

    Sold  Vintage Oakley M Frame Mumbo - Splatter Purple with Blue Iridium

    Picked these up a while back and honestly they've just been sitting in my case ever since. Hopefully they can be of better use to someone else. Frame is in excellent condition! No cracks or such. Lens does have marks on it. Tried my best to capture in pictures. Please let me know if you...
  4. U

    Sold  2 Frogskin Lites

    2 pairs, SnapBack and Splatter Frogskin Lites. Perfect condition, include box and microfiber. $90>$80 > $70>$65>$60 for both plus shipping.
  5. O

    2 more frames I've been practicing the airbrush with. Pretty happy with how the Holbrooks turned out

    These are the 2 newest glasses I painted. The two face turned out ok but the splatter could have been better. I misplaced the icons for them so I'll have to try and track down a set. I really like the how the Holbrooks turned out. I was inspired by the spectrum edition colorways and wanted to...
  6. U

    Sold  Monsterdog custom

    Hello hello. Up for sale is a freshly done custom Dog. The lenses that came with the frame are black but arent perfect so I didnt install them.. i figured someone who buys this may have another option in mind anyway. I'd rate the lenses around a 6. Useable but could be better. Frame is now new...
  7. Jerome

    Are these custom Oakleys real and rare?

    Hello everyone, Today I found this company called www.outdoorevasion.com that is selling a lot of custom Oakleys. This company is located in Spain. Some of these custom frames I have never seen before. I'm always a but scepical these days with so many fakes floating around on the internet...
  8. U

    Sold  Splatter M Frame / Gold Iridium Hybrid - $100

    These have been one of my favorite creations, not totally flawless regarding craftsmanship but certainly one of the cleaner ones I've done. The finish has a slight texture to from the marblizer but there's no wrinkles, fingerprints or any flaws that stick out to me. In cleaning the lens it...
  9. U

    Deal  M Frame Splatter +Red Heater / Gold Heater

    M Frame I Rattle-Can-Extravaganza Special I +Red Heater / Gold Heater $140 Shipped in CONUS May Entertain Trades, But Cash Preferred (2) Storage Baggies + Zipper Vault Case EDIT IMGUR Album to best understand wrinkles Blue Splat Hi-Rez Images Worth noting that I had difficulty capturing...
  10. Jerome

    New Jawbreaker Colors On the Way

    Spotted these on edel-optics.nl, new Jawbreaker colors are on the way Splatter White with 24K iridium. Am I a real geek when I ask why there is no splatter on the temples? Matte Black with a White Jaw and Prizm Road Black. No specs on PRB however. I need to be patient I know, I know... The...
  11. U

    For Sale  SPLATTER Series

    I'm going to fire LIMITED number of each of these up for OF members. I can't tell you if it's a great deal or not - if they end up being as scarce as they've been so far, then they're a steal. I'm not sure if I'm going to regret letting a few go at a great price!!! LIMIT 1 OF EACH STYLE PER...
  12. U

    For Sale  First gen mumbo splatter purple/blue iridium sweep

    For sale a near 30year old vintage frame and near perfect sweep lense. Very rare and In great shape! Has a big defect on Left hinge broke, it’s now glued in open position and doesn’t move. The paint looks gorgeous except for glued spot and lenses look almost brand new with minor cleaning mark...