split thump

  1. thepostman

    Split Thump Jamiroquai

    Hi everyone, Just add this to my small collection any more info? I heard they go only 500 pieces, but never got any official info about serial numbers just in love, and the speakers is so loud thats sweety, thinking on put some violet iridium lens what yall thought?
  2. U

    For Sale jamiroquai Split Thump

    Hi I have a pair of jamiroquai Split Thumps for sale. Comes with Glasses, MF bag, earphones in their MF bag and all the cables. Photos of the cables available if required I am asking $250 plus postage which will depend on location, but for outside of the UK normally around $35 Open to...
  3. tacticalmusician

    Split Thump trouble

    Hey, everyone. I just acquired a pair of Split THUMPs and I'm trying to get them working. They charge and are showing the green light, but they will not power on. The manual has not been helpful at all and the firmware update from the website doesn't seem to work on my Windows 10 laptop. And...