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  1. ahron

    Wraparound (non-shield) frame with unobtanium earsocks and nosepads for smaller head

    I need a new pair of multipurpose glasses - suitable for daily use as well as sport. So it needs to be very wraparound and have unobtanium nosepads and earsocks. And as I'm a stickler for durability, the earsocks better be replaceable. After searching around, I landed on the Turbines. But then...
  2. Sunglasses Restorer US

    The Best Olympic Sunglasses in Rio 2016

    Hello The vast majority of Top athletes in Rio were wearing Oakley. We think this is a great article, please check it. The Best Olympic Sunglasses in Rio 2016 [Very Interesting] Thank you
  3. Sunglasses Restorer US

    Cycling clothing

    Hello I think that I must post this thread in this category, I hope I am right. Well, we have created a post and an infographic, talking about all the cycling clothing for each part of the body. Of course, sunglasses is one of the most important. I hope many of you are cyclists, and please...