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  1. U

    Sold  Square O Logo Plaque 98-089( New)

    Square O Logo Plaque 98-089( New) Price $ 23 Free shipping to the USA Pay by Paypal
  2. D

    Got my First Turbine

    Hello Everybody! I got my first Turbine after my 3y/o Holbrook was accidentally crushed in my workplace and I am thinking to buy a case for it. Will the square O case can accomodate the Turbine? Or should I just go with the metal vault or the carbon fiber case. Really need your inputs. Thank you
  3. jkummes


    Posted this on the apparel/other collections thread but thought it might get to a few more eyes on this one. Can’t find this anywhere other than the one I have. Does anyone else have one?
  4. U

    Buying  TwoFace Icons

    Just curious if anyone has any TwoFace icons for sale? I am looking ONLY for polished black icons. *Original Square TwoFace icons. If you have a pair of them and willing to sell them, please message me. Thank you in advance!
  5. U

    Sold  BNIB Complete NYC Fuel Cell Set

    Selling a complete NYC Fuel Cell setup, Glasses are brand new and never worn(took out of box to take pictures), no scratches, dents, dings, bruises, blemishes etc. Also includes the square O NYC case and matching micro fiber bag. The glasses I have the original box for but no box for the hard...
  6. S

    Help needed

    Before I begin begin, I would first like to thank everyone who is able to help me out..... I bought a square o tower (97-727) recently and discovered that there were no led?? Bulbs fitted in the top, the fluorescent lights up beautifully in the Base, I have tried a couple off the supermarket...
  7. Eastonatti

    Square O Icon

    "I heard a rumor" about the end of the Square O. Yes, doing away with the O of the Squared persuasion. This comes as less than preferable news, as nearly all of the product I like sport the Square O Icon; be it apparel or eyewear. This concerns me a great deal in regards to future releases. I'm...