1. U

    Sold XS polished carbon $340 obo

    These are my XS up for sale (reluctantly). Linegear navy lenses in great condition 9/10 conservatively. Frame has a few wear marks but is still good for a wear pair. Bridge is tight not rock solid but not needing a tune I'd say 8/10 if not better. Rubbers are oem xs rubbers and new. Asking $340...
  2. U

    Found G30, VR50, Prizm Golf, Prizm Trail - in a Wire Frame

    I'm looking for a wire frame (like a square wire maybe) with VR 50, G30, Prizm Trail, Prizm golf, or another type of lens with a high % of transmission. I want a casual frame for wearing inside without standing out too much (so no x-metals for this one). I would be interested in lenses without a...
  3. I

    Oakley Latch (Square) Arm Removal?

    Hello! I recently purchased these glasses (Oakley Latch Square) and I feel like somethings stuck in the hinge and is making it difficult to collapse/fold. I contacted support and they gave me the generic "glasses are broken send to our repair shop"... anyone have these and have removed the arms...
  4. bean323

    What a deal... gotta love ebay

    lol.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/X-Metal-X-Squared-Style-Designer-Sunglasses-Xmetal-/272011165964?hash=item3f5521010c:g:q58AAOSw14xWF6wM only 50 dollars!!! and 75 bucks to ship.. how can you lose??