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    Sold  Lot of Display Pieces and Stands (Updated)

    Don’t use them anymore, so hoping someone can get some use out of them. It’s we’re previously used in a store so they do have some wear. Please let me know if you have any questions. $20 for the Double $15 for the Singles $10 for the Display Card pieces $20 for the Goggle Display $45 for the...
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    Sold  3 & 2 tier stands and display shelf

    I have 11 stands - they are the clear ones that tiers can be added and removed from. There are 11 bases and 9 of them currently have 3 tiers and 2 have 2 tiers - $20 each I also have a 2 tier display shelf - $OLD PM with any offers. May consider trades. Can do a bundle deal if someone wants...
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    Sold  Oakley X-Metal Double-Pair Display Stands... Get Them Before They're Gone!

    I put my whole collection of X-Metal display stands on eBay, for sale. You can display 25 pairs of glasses with this lot of stands! The price listed on eBay is $229.99, but if you want them, e-mail me at, and I will give you a discount... $206.99. OAKLEY X-METAL DOUBLE PAIR...
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    For Sale  Display items

    Random stuff I have way too many of shipping not included in prices. Titleist NXT Tour- $25 Holiday Koozie-$30 Ball Marker-$20 Two tier stand-$40 Single tier stands-$25 Watch stand-$35 Everything together for $200.
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    Sold  Small Cube X metal $260

    Small Cube X metal cube is totally new with some flaws. Price $ 260 Free shipping to the United States. Pay by paypal.
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    Sold  Stand Shoes 89-062

    Stand Shoes 89-062 Big stand price $ 45 small stand price $ 35 Package 1 large 2 small Price $ 95 (new) Free shipping to the USA Pay by Paypal
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    For Sale  Tower, stands, coin display....

    Some display items for sale and a caribiner. Price of items do not include shipping. Tower is local pick up only (Pittsburgh area). If you have questions PM me please. Thanks guys! Also ignore the temporary items I had to put in the case, I moved and almost all of my oakley stuff is still packed...
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    For Sale  Plastic Display Stands

    12 - two-tier black plastic stands $15 each 15 - three-tier black plastic stands $20 each 32 - two-tier clear plastic stands $15 each 2 - three-tier clear plastic stands $20 each ALL for $900 (all brand new in original box or package) Above are individual prices. Volume...
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    For Sale  4.0 Display Stands

    Today I have some display stands up for sale. they are the 4.0 clear stands. All still in original packaging. 3 tier stands SOLD 2 tier stands SOLD 2- 1 tier stands 1 tier is $20 each Paypal G&S Shipped CONUS
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    Deal  (2) 3.0 3-Tier Stands

    Anyone looking to sell a couple? Let me know. Thanks!
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    Buying  Or Trading for Aluminum X-metal Display Stands **DEAL MADE

    I have a 3-tier black Oakley display stand that I can trade. I'm looking for: 1) single tier xmetal display stand 2) 2-tier xmetal display stand or i can buy them. let me know
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    For Sale  All My Custom Goodies - Stands, Watch Holders and More!

    Decided to Just combine all these into one master thread. Originals can be found below: Stands Watch Holders ------------------------------------------ 3D Printed Watch Holders ------------------------------------- As Seen on Doc Chop Shop! Available in Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow...