stealth matte black

  1. U

    Sold Romeo 2 (X-Man Stealth Black)

    Selling a Romeo 2, tuned and refinished in Stealth Matte Black by the @THE X-MAN I have never worn them since I got them back so still X-Man tight. New OEM rubbers w/ new Saxe Blue Polarized Linegear lenses. Asking $280, includes PayPal G&S, CONUS Priority shipping, and shipping insurance for...
  2. U

    Sold PRICE DROP FOR THIS WEEKEND stealth R1 with ice & extras $650 shipped

    I have decided to let this one go also my stealth R1 with ice polarized lenses cut from big taco custom done by the Xman! This frame is completely mint!! The lenses are like new the gaskets are good and the rubbers are good. The extras are a complete set of upper and lower oem gaskets and a...
  3. Frogskins

    Getting Ready For Winter ...

    and what's more winter then Stealth Matte Black with Ice "Cold" Iridium ... :cool:
  4. ECUOakley

    All Black Frames

    I just got a pair of frogskins with the all black frame with ruby
  5. Batwolf

    OCP Frogskins - Matte Black Frame "issue"

    Just so you guys know, Oakley called a manufacturer defect on the OCP Matte Black Frogskins frames. The "Oakley" on the stems is all black on the first run of these frames so the frame is literally all Matte Black. Oakley is working on fixing it so if you want the original white Oakley you might...