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    Sold  Random Oakley Bundle

    Im selling the following as a bundle. Please let me know if you need additional pictures. 1 oakley bottle opener 3 Oakley viewers (they each have a little picture inside) 2 Oakley shelf display items 3 Half Pint stickers (Pinstripe, Blue, and Grey) 7 pins (some of the cards have some...
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    Sticker Collection

    So, I got these AMAZING stickers in the mail yesterday from @SiRacer420 . I traded him two sets of XX Twenty lenses for them. And man, these are the best looking stickers I think I have ever seen. My favorite has got to be the angry skull biting onto the Oakley Icon. Thanks @SiRacer420 for the...
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    For Sale  Some oldies just in time for Xmas!

    I've got a few old pieces up for grabs, so whomever has the hustle is gonna go home with the goods! Icon Claw Carabiner NWT - SOLD Large Skull Stickers - SOLD A.P. Vest, Size XL - SOLD
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    For Sale  A bunch of rare oldies

    I've got a few things I hate to part with, but it's time to let them go and become part of someone else's collection. Icon Claw Carabiner, NWT Large Skull Stickers - SOLD Mace Hockey Gloves, size 13.5 - SOLD