1. U

    For Sale  2 stormtrooper kitchen sink backpacks, one new with backbrace second slightly used w/brace.

    Only 1000 made of these so act fast!! Looking to sell one brand new never used kitchen sink, includes the matching white back brace. Asking 300$ For new and 240$ for used. Plus 30$ for shipping each! Please pm with any questions, thanks for checking!:):newrussian:
  2. U

    Sold  Storm Trooper kitchen sink.

    275$ SPF . plus shipping in new condition with tags! Fits up to 17'' laptop! Huge space! Great as a carry on. Thanks for checking! No trades pls.
  3. PitBoss

    Who would help me make a Pit Boss II Star Wars Stormtrooper custom

    so I got this pair of PBII' complete with everything but as they are a fairly understated finnish I would like to ask (doesn't look like @dr.chop . is accepting PM's) who would take on such a project? I've been a Star Wars fan ever since I saw the first one and I all of the sudden could not...