straight jacket

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    Sold Surplus Sale Take 15% off the price listed

    Surplus Sale Take 15% off the price listed Buy all for $800,- with free shipping. 1. Valve Platinum -FMJ- with Box 03-876 9/10 small marks on frame only $110,- (Sold) 2. Valve Platinum -FMJ- 03-876 9/10 small marks on frame only ($95,- Sold) 3. Valve Ducati 12-638 with Box 9,5/10 small...
  2. Jman5000

    Hello! Straight jacket with polish and matte black temples.

    Hello! Looking to get a backup straight jacket. I have two a polished black with matte black temple piece and matte black. On ebay many of the polished black look polisjes on temple piece too? Is there a model number or stuyle to search for this? Also my matte black seems to wear down faster...
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    Sold Straight Jacket Matte Clear/Black Iridium

    I wasn’t sure if I wanted to let these go but honestly, it’s probably best these go to someone who will appreciate them and wear them. All is so is stuck them in a case haha Looking to sell these Matte Clear/Black Iridium Straight Jackets 04-041. These are pretty mint. Frames show no cracks or...
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    Sold $50 Straight Jacket Clear (or trade)

    Update: $50 F&F + S&H ... or trades for Star Wars Legos. Only selling to those with good feedback; Shipping typically $5. Shipping outside continental US considered on case by case basis. Original Straight Jacket Clear Conservative rating: Frame: 5/10 Icons: 9/10 Lenses: 6/10 Rubber: 7/10...
  5. jwrski

    Hello there… I’m new to this great place and hope someone can help me to identify my Oakley sunglasses!)

    I believe it’s Oakley Straight Jacket 1st Gen glasses. But it would be wonderful to get some more info about this beautiful pair. Probably someone could say if they are 100% authentic and how called their colorway. Looks like Rootbeer but I guess it can be another one..
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    Sold New Straight Jacket - Cannon Red with Fire Iridium (Scotty Cannon edition)

    Just selling off some pairs I never wear. Glasses are in excellent condition; will come with a standard black microfiber bag. $125 shipped.
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    Sold BNIB New Straight Jacket Gunmetal Orange Flames / Fire Iridium

    Hello Oaf for sale this BNIB New Straight Jacket Gunmetal Orange Flames / Fire Iridium, the only thing that the sticker is on the flap of the box but inside, all is 10/10 Dificult to get in this condition this days . Old school frames 😍😍 SKU: 04-265 Price $140 allin ( $30 for the...
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    Buying ISO G40 Transition lenses for New Straight (2007)

    Searching for a set of lenses. In specific, G40 transitions for the New Straight Jacket (2007). These are going to be a daily pair so, USED IS PERFECTLY OKAY. Please PM me if you have a spare set, or know where to get a set. Thank you in advance. —T
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    Sold New Straight Jacket FMJ+ Blue Flames / Ice Iridium “FULL METAL”

    Hello Of for sale this New Straight Jacket FMJ+ Blue Flames with Ice Iridium “FULL METAL”. The glasses are perfect, unused, they have only been exhibited in the office, the right temple at the end has a small defect in the painting as you can see in the photos photos, have all the box papers and...
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    Buying WTB: Straight Jacket 2.0 Dark Gray + Silver + Pearl (2007 era)

    Hey friends. I can replace lenses and rubber, but I'd like the frame in very good condition. Buying the following: Straight Jacket 2.0 / 2007 Dark Gray Straight Jacket 2.0 / 2007 Pearl: Straight Jacket 2.0 / 2007 Silver-FMJ Please keep your eyes open friends.... @zcrxsi @scrodo...
  11. MinC13

    Style preference

    Is it me, or has Oakley completely done away w frames like The Straight Jacket 2007, valves and Monster Dogs, which had more of a sleeker shape and a nice comfortable wrap to them? I was just on their website, and everything seemed boxy-looking and big. My wife makes fun of me for my affinity...
  12. M

    Straight Jacket Cannon Red

    Hi, bought a Straight Jacket Cannon Red. Are they fake or real? And what‘s the value in this condition with the scratches and....(See pictures) If there is a value at all? 😬 Thanks a lot in advance
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    Buying Straight jacket ear socks

    Hi I am looking to buy oakley straight jacket ear sock.
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    Sold New Straight Jacket 2 Silver / Fire Iridium

    New Straight Jacket 2 Silver / Fire Iridium The glasses are completely new, the lenses have some scratches 9.0 / 10 (see photos) Structure and rubber in perfect condition. If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will reply to you as soon as possible. Price $ 140...
  15. Lopaka KaMars

    Rare NSJ for sale. Is it real? Saw this on eBay and am wondering the validity of the sellers post. Ouch. That's what my wallet said when looking at that price.
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    Sold Bundlesale - Plate, Splice and Straight Jacket

    I'm selling 3 pairs of my collection. All frames are in good condition, the lenses of all pairs have some scratches from wearing and cleaning. Selling them as bundle only for SOLD shipped elsewhere.
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    For Sale 2 frames - half jackets 1.0 & Straight Jacket II

    Hello OF for sale this two frames in like new condition, the half jacket 1.0 polished black frame with all the rubbers and the Straight Jacket II, New Metallic Red frame with only the nose pads. Straight Price: #SOLD allin Half jacket Price: $ 70 allin Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees&shipping with...
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    Sold Straight Jacket Blood Skull

    Straight Jacket Blood Skull Frame in excellent condition. No bumps, scratches or lost paint. scratched lenses in conditions 6 / 10 Please, if you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. Price $ 115 Pay with Paypal Free shipping in the...
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    Sold Straight Jacket, New / FMJ+ Blue Flames

    Straight Jacket, New / FMJ+ Blue Flames Frame in excellent condition. No bumps, scratches or lost paint. lenses with some small scratches. 8.5 / 10 Please, if you have any questions or need more photos, need me a message and reply as soon as possible. Price $ 125 Shipping included to USA...
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    For Sale Straight Jacket II, New Matte Black / Grey Polarized

    Hello Of for sale this awesome Straight Jacket II, New - Matte Black with Grey Polarized lenses, never used, only displayed, came with mf-bag only, don’t have the box. SKU: 24-124 Frame 9,9/10 Lenses 9,9/10 Rubbers 9,9/10 Price $130 allin ( or best offer) Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees and shipping...
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    For Sale Straight Jacket Emerald w/ Gold Iridium

    Hello Ofamily for sale a Straight Jacket Emerald with Gold Iridium lenses, is used with marks in the lenses have scratchers see the pics, does not bother the vision and you do not see them when you wear them, came with mf-bag. SKU: 04-036 - Condition: Used Frame 9/10 L lense 9,5/10 R lense...
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    For Sale Straight Jacket, New - Stealth w/ Grey

    Hello OF for sale this awesome Straight Jacket, New Stealth with Grey lenses, is used but in very good condition. The left lenses have in the up a line but wen you wear you can’t see the right lenses is perfect, the frame is out marks and the rubber still like the first day, came with mf-bag...
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    For Sale Various Frames and Lenses

    Just starting to post some things I am selling. Message for pictures and details. All items are in very good to like new condition. - Straight jacket: matte black with various lenses ($40/frame, $40/nonpolarized lenses, $50/polarized lens) - Half jacket 2.0: root beer frame, team blue frame...
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    Sold Custom straight jacket 2!

    Trying out some new colors !! COBALT KINETICS SLATE! With Cobalt bands !! Frame is brand new finish yesterday!! The rubbers are in decent shape sgosho be able to use for awhile ! The lenses are not great have multiple scraches and delamination! They're polarized and look okay for display!! $75...
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    Buying Straight jacket 2007 nose bomb

    Need a nose bomb for a 2007 straight jacket they got run over by a truck at work after falling out of my van into some mud. Luckily they survived pretty well but one nosebomb got lost in the mud. Any help much appreciated.
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    For Sale Straight Jacket II, New - White Chrome w/ +red iridium

    hello OF for sale this perfect sample of the Straight Jacket II, New - White Chrome frame w/ +red iridium lenses, don’t have scratchers in perfect condition, the black lines in the frame is the normal mark in the sample sales but is new, the frame don’t have cracks is perfect like the rubbers...
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    Sold Straight Jacket Matte Clear w/ black iridium

    Hello OF for sale other awesome old school set, now the famous straight jacket 1.0 all is in very good condition like the first day don’t have scratchers maybe same cleaning mark but can’t see any marks, cane with box, bag and papers, the box lost the label with the color but is his box. SKU...
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    Sold Straight jacket gen 1

    I have a 1st Gen straight jacket for sale today !! All original glasses and bag only! They are black and gold with gold lenses! The gold on the emblems and lettering on the nose are both fading after all they are older than most of you lol!! The rubber is in pretty good shape and the frame is...
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    For Sale Suede Wrap Straight Jackets ~~MINT~~

    Howdy all, It physically pains me to have to let these go. They were my grail, but if I want to keep my "no shelf whore" status, we have to part. I tried these on approx. Three times, in the house, on not humid days, after carefully washing and drying my face. Never worn outside and never worn...
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    Sold Straight jacket New, Jet Black - Orange Flames w/ Fire Iridium Polarized

    Hello One more jewel :) straight jacket New in very good condition the lenses have little wear marks but is very low and nothing disturb the vision, all is oem, i put with strait jacket new box but is for other sku the label is little off but the label of the sky still good...