sub zero

  1. S

    Hello.6 subzero

    Hello all. Im looking for new 0.6 subzero from back in the made in usa days. Any hot leads (besides ebay which i check relentlessly). I heard there use to be trading conventions but cant find any info to confirm or deny this urban legend. I have owned nearly every pair of the 0.6's at some point...
  2. U

    Sold Sub zero #3 (planet X)mint lenses!

    The third sub zero model ever made. Incredible to find with mint lenses (the color is mesmerizing) You will probably never have the chance to buy this again ( 25 year old mint glasses) this set doesn't come with box but comes with a special microfiber with X pattern! Asking 350$>340$ SOLD. Don't...
  3. U

    Sold Sub zero #2 ( fingerprint ) in box!

    An unbelievable chance at owning one of the rarest pieces in Oakley history! This 25year old set comes with box+ microfiber+ papers. The lenses are almost perfect for their age! Asking 350$ Since these never come on market and if they do not in this state+ completeness . Thanks for checking!
  4. Dave Shade

    Another gem..

    Sub Zero 1n So, I picked these up on ebay. They were listed for $299.95 BIN. I made an offer of $225 ended settling on $249.95
  5. Dave Shade

    Another gem..

    Sub Zero 1n Listed for $299.95, I offered $225, ended up settling on $249.95.
  6. R

    Sub Zero Splatter With Jim Rodger Signature

    Does anyone have any info regarding this piece? Matte gray frame front, splatter is gray with black and white. These are new, never worn. In box that I believe is the original box hand painted signature "Jim Rodger" on left temple.
  7. Yasargil

    My Sub Zero And Zero Collection

    Sub Zero #1 Sub Zero #1n Sub Zero #2n Sub Zero #3 Sub Zero #4 Sub Zero #5 Sub Zero #6 Sub Zero N2T Zero 0.1 Zero 0.2 Zero 0.2P Zero 0.3 Zero 0.3P Zero 0.4 Zero 0.5 Zero 0.6
  8. Dyeraudio

    What Sub Zero/Zero Is This?

    Love this pair.....curious of the exact model and colorway..... Thx!
  9. Dardonardo

    Oakley Sub Zero 6

    Guys, I found this guy in Spain that had a brother who use to have a shop where they had oakleys. The ship closed in 1996 and the guys has a pair of sub zero 6 in grey plus box (no bag) and a couple of zero 0.5. Never used. I bought a pair of sub zero in red for 80€ with box (no bag) and he is...
  10. Beaux JaxZen

    Sub Zero Earsocks

    I just scored some 1992 subzeros but I need some new earsocks and nose piece...anyone know where I can find them? Thanks
  11. HunterX

    Sub Zero Pickup

    Missed this listing once... New owner decided to resell it. Couldn't pass a second time.