1. Fernando

    Sold Sub Zero #3 Planet X w/ +Red Iridium

    Hello OF for sale this awesome and sexy Sub Zero #3 Planet X with +Red Iridium lenses I have used it very little, on rare occasions and with much love and care, it is in perfect condition, came with mf-bag only. SKU: 05-003 Frame 9,5/10 Lenses 9,5/10 Rubbers 9,5/10 Price $ 240 allin Paypal g&s...
  2. S

    Hello.6 subzero

    Hello all. Im looking for new 0.6 subzero from back in the made in usa days. Any hot leads (besides ebay which i check relentlessly). I heard there use to be trading conventions but cant find any info to confirm or deny this urban legend. I have owned nearly every pair of the 0.6's at some point...
  3. Mad Science One Icon

    For Sale Oakley Subzero Planet X Positive red iridium

    Oakley ZERO 0.6 planet x positive red iridium Asking $225 shipped OBO. In used condition lenses scratched But still very wearable. Willing to trade for a Zero 0.1 only.
  4. Fernando

    Sold 2 BNIB SubZero earsock nosepiece kit

    hello, I have this 2 bnib rubbers kit for subzero, one slate and other barrel, came 2 earsocks and one nosepiece, very difficult to find new, put your subzero as new with this kit. Description: BNIB Price included fees and shipping. Get both for $160 or $90 #SOLD each allin. Thanks...
  5. Fernando

    Sold SubZero #6 Planet X w/ +Red iridium SKU: 05-006 #SOLD

    Hi family for sale SubZero complete with box papers and bag, the box is for the zero o.6, still good for use, don't have big scrachers, has much use, as you can see from the photos , the lenses have markings But nothing to disturb or prevent visionand the frame have wear too And Dont Have The...