sunglass case

  1. U

    Sold or Trade IH Fuel Cell with IH Square O Eyewear Hard Case

    CONUS IH Fuel Cell - [OO9096-36] - Frame is in good condition. The arms are a little loose but still remain open when extended. The lenses are Oakleys Violet Iridium [41-860] not the IH lens...The IH lens was not sold to me with the frame when I purchased it. IH Sunglass bag is also included...
  2. The_Darkone

    IH Plaintiff Question

    does anyone know what square case came with the OO4057-11 OIH Plaintiff Lead w/ Warm Grey lense? I know it came with an IH pin and IH microfiber bag but I don't believe the case was IH as well. I think it was a grey case with darker grey stripes. If anyone has the complete set or knows for...