1. S

    Need Help Identifying What Model Oakley Sunglasses Thread

    This thread will serve as the consolidated thread for identifying what Oakley Sunglasses you may have. I've had a few pairs of oakleys in the past. X_metals which I loved but sold as they looked great in the box but terrible on my face, some frameless ones (why 2.0s I think??) and my all time...
  2. S

    Seeking left replacement arm (temple) for Oakley unstoppable 009191

    I'm new to Please let me know if I should be posting this on a different thread or different place. My Oakley unstoppable 009191 left arm temple snapped off near the hinge. I have a little broken bit and need just the left arm. Any color would be ok. Does anybody have this part...
  3. ZCForge

    OF Custom of the Month SEPTEMBER 2021 - Congrats @Solomon_Denali!

    Back by popular demand and starting in September, the OF Custom of the Month Contest will be returning. This thread will be unlocked in the beginning of September for the first 10 members to claim their spots. I will be continuing what @SiRacer420 started. The rules will be the same as they...
  4. U

    For Sale Oakley Watch Collection

    I’m going to be selling most of my watch collection, with the exception of my GMT & Time Tank. I’m in the east, in the UK. I’m going to make a video of each of my watches I intend to part with so you all can see every little detail, but I’m making this post so I remember to come back and update...
  5. W

    Walleva 20% Off Sale

    Happy Easter! Don't miss out our 20% Off Sale on Code: 0421 Date: 04/17/2019 -- 04/22/2019
  6. U

    Sold Oakley Plasma/Fire Polarized Juliet Sunglasses

    I'm selling this pair of Plasma/Fire Iridium Polarized Juliets. This was tuned up and refinished in the X-Man Plasma. This was a backup pair to another pair of X-Man Plasma/Fire Iridium Polarized Juliets I had. This has red Linegear rubber temple shocks, orbital gaskets, and ear socks. It's...
  7. W

    20% Father's Day Sale & Gascan Sunglasses Giveaway

    Hey guys, Walleva's monthly treat is here! 1. 20% OFF Father's Day Sale Code: FATHERSDAY Date: 2018/06/15--2018/06/18 2. Giveaway on Facebook Win a pair of Oakley Gascan Sunglasses or Walleva lenses! Our page:
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    Giveaway & -30% Memorial Day Sale

    Hi Guys, We've got some news to share with you! 1. 30% OFF Memorial Day Sale Code: Respect Date: 2018/05/24--2018/05/30 2. Giveaway on Facebook Win a pair of Oakley Thinlink Sunglasses or Walleva lenses! Our page: Walleva Lenses
  9. P

    Help identify my Oakley please!

    Hi! A few years ago my dad gave me an Oakley which used to be his. Found it gathering dust in a drawer and decided to give it a new life by buying new lenses. I just need to know if it is genuine and if so, which model it is. Any help is greatly appreciated! Here are the 3 pictures: Imgur
  10. W

    Easter 30% off sale!!!!

    Hi guys, We are having a Easter 30% OFF Sale on Code: EASTER Date: 03/29-04/02
  11. U

    Sold Bundle of Oakley Pop Cards

    Selling a bundle of pop cards. All pop cards pictured are included as part of the bundle. Will not spit the bundle. Someone can buy the bundle and do that if they like. Please see the pictures below for the cards included in the bundle. There should be 66 of them. Asking $73 for all of them...
  12. 2

    What were your first pair of Oakleys?????

    For me......they were the polished black Gascan w/ black iridium lens. I can't remember the year but it was when Gascan's hit the market and were a HUGE hit. Share your first pair!!!
  13. jkummes

    Holbrook XL

    First Post but been a member for quite a while and love seeing everything on here! Has anyone heard about the Holbrook Extra Large? I can provide pictures but I didn't even hear about an extra large drop for them. Must have been something they wanted to drop quietly. A little big for me but...
  14. W

    30% OFF Halloween Sale

    Hi guys, We will have a 30% off sale upon Halloween on our site: Code:halloween Time:10.27-11.01 Have fun!
  15. The_Darkone

    Global Price Increase $3

    Has anyone noticed or heard about the global Price Increase on Oakley glasses. All frames went up by $3. I see that SGH has it reflected on their site when looking at the Twoface glasses. Also my local O-Store has made the adjustments but I haven't seen it on yet.
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    Hey guys, There’s some great news that I'd like to share with you: 1. GIVEAWAY on FACEBOOK We will be having a giveaway on our Facebook page (Walleva Lenses ). 6 winners will be randomly selected on September 1st. The first prize would be a pair of Oakley Quarter Jacket Sunglasses and a pair...
  17. C

    wondering what model of sunglasses are your favorites?

    I have worked very sensolatino, I have them in model Italy and are very good to protect from the sun's rays (for me it is important, because I am sensitive eyes)
  18. U

    For Sale Jupiter Factory Lite, FMJ Twenty, Dispatch 2's, and more!

    Hi guys, As I mentioned in the other post, the wedding is two weeks away. Hopefully this will help with the last push before the big day! All prices are USD and include shipping to CONUS and all will come with at least microbag. Jupiter Factory Lite's: Both are LNIB. Brushed Aluminum w/ Ice...
  19. U

    Buying Flak 2.0 XL Prizm Maritime

    Looking to buy a pair of Flak 2.0 Prizm Maritime lenses or the Flak 2.0 sunglasses with Prizm Maritime lenses. If anyone has a pair they can part with, has an extra, or knows someone who has one for sale, I would greatly appreciate it. I have PayPal all set up.
  20. U

    Buying Flak 2.0 Prizm Maritime

    Looking to buy a pair of Flak 2.0 Prizm Maritime lenses or the Flak 2.0 sunglasses with Prizm Maritime lenses. If anyone has a pair they can part with, has an extra, or knows someone who has one for sale, I would greatly appreciate it. I have PayPal all set up.
  21. W

    Giveaway: win a pair of Oakley Sunglasses or Walleva lenses

    Hi fellows, We are having a giveaway on our facebook page: Walleva Lenses JOIN NOW!
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    Hi fellows, We are having a giveaway on our Facebook page (LINK: Walleva Lenses ) Don't miss the chance to win a pair of Oakley Holbrook sunglasses or some awesome #Walleva replacement lenses in your choice of color and model.
  23. C

    Need info for case, watch & sunglasses, all new.

    I'm not sure if this was a store display or maybe an employee custom case. Appreciate any ideas.
  24. W

    Review: Walleva ISARC Replacement Lenses

    Hi Guys, just wanna share a review with you all. :popcorn::popcorn: It's been great seeing how far replacement lenses have come in the last few years. They've gone from cheap crap to being better than the manufacturer's lenses in most cases. I used to retire my shades and get a new pair once...
  25. W

    Review: Walleva Mr. Shield Lenses For Oakley Gascan Sunglasses

    Here is a review for the Mr. Shield Lenses from the Ooutdoornerd It's funny, when I got my Oakley GasCan sunglasses for Christmas about 6 years ago, I never imagined I would end up with a big box of lenses for the same pair of frames. The stock lenses had lasted only about a year, and so these...
  26. Shade Station

    Manchester Spin Bike Show: Oakley Sunglasses

    Hi all, Hope everyone's been enjoying the sun in the UK and wherever you are in the world! This weekend we showcased our Oakley sunglasses stand at Spin Manchester Bike Show, EVZero was very popular! Here's how we got on...
  27. Edge16

    Eyepatch 2 - Broken Frame

    I'm wondering if there is any possible way to fix these frames. I've tried some kind of epoxy with limited success. I am curious if anyone else has had frames break like this and have been able to successfully repair them.
  28. W

    More info about the Walleva Mr. Shield Lenses

    Just want to share with you more info about the Mr. Shield Lenses::) Thanks! :lolsign:
  29. Shade Station

    New Collection now available at Shade Station!

    Hi everyone, The new collection of Oakley sunglasses are now available at This includes EVZero, Latch SQ, Turbine Rotor, Sliver XL and Sliver R. Here a few campaigns of the new models you may be interested in: Latch SQ...
  30. W

    Introducing Walleva Mr Shield Lenses

    We proudly introduce our highest quality sunglasses lenses – the Mr. Shield lenses. All Mr. Shield lenses are made of polycarbonate and are polarized, which can provide the best optical characteristics: high clarity, high contrast and high comfort. Mr. Shield stands for Multi-Resistant...