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  1. U

    Sold  Oakley Holiday 2009 Frost Blue Silver History Text with Chrome 24-187 Oil Rig

    hello O-community i'm moving some stuff around and found this beauty in one of my storage. the pair is brand new and never worn . . . price tag is like all the time with international trackable insured bombproof shipping - payment via paypal G&S . . . asking price but it's not in stone...
  2. ChloeConvoy

    Are you an Oakley Super Fan? Can I see your collection please?

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum so please be nice ;) I'm putting together a blog post all about Oakley Super Fans and I was wondering if any forum members would be happy to let me use images of their Oakley collection and quotes explaining what Oakley means to them and why they love...