sutro lite

  1. U

    Traded Sutro Lite w/ Prizm 24k

    Sutro Lite ocp Matte Celeste Arms Matte Crystal Pink Bridge Matte Celeste Wicket Prizm 24k $95 Shipped Trade for Matte Black NSJ II or MD
  2. U

    For Sale Sutro Lite Prizm Road

    Selling my oakley sutro Matte White frame with Prizm Road lens. Brand new with tags. Have box. Perfect condition. Really cool sunglass. I didn't want to sell it, but need funds for some other things. Any information you need regarding this particular model , please ask me. Pictures are added...
  3. U

    Sold OCP Sutro Lite

    Sutro Lite w/ Prizm 24k - excellent condition, worn handful of times $100 shipped obo Any trade offers shoot me a pm with them. Thanks
  4. D

    Sutro/Sutro Lite/Sutro Lite Sweep Comparison

    Sutro/Sutro Lite/Sutro Lite Sweep Comparison… Long time lurker, first time poster. Thought a visual might be helpful. Now I’m interested to see if it’s possible to swap Sutro Lite lenses with Sutro Lite Sweep. It looks like they should work.
  5. U

    Sold BNIB Sutro Matte White

    Sutro Matte White with Prizm Road Lens. BNIB. Not Used. Price: $90 shipped
  6. Vincent_LD

    Got the new Frogskins Kokoro and Sutro lite Odyssey collection

    Last purchase, Frogskins Kokoro and Sutro lite odyssey, The Kokoro are just perfect, love them, that's my favorite go to pair, the only things is the Prizm black is noticeably lighter than my other Prizm black but still enough dark. I'm a black frame guy, (wind jacket matte black, sutro matte...
  7. M

    Sutro/Sutro lite temple compatibility

    Do you know if Sutro lite´s temples would fit a regular Sutro? I like de original sutro a lot but I think it lacks some adherence in the temples for my type of head, something that Sutro lite´s temples have. Another option I was considering is trying and put some Radarlock unobtanium pads in the...
  8. sutrolitesaber

    Sutro Lite replacement lens?

    Hi I bought my first ever pair of Oakleys over the weekend - a matte black Sutro Lite with Prizm road. It worked a treat - took it out on a >100km bike ride and I could see every crack in the road. But I have some questions 1) Where can I get replacement lenses for the Sutro Lite? I'd like...