1. U

    Sold  OCP Clear Cherry Blossom Sutro with 2 lenses

    Good day folks. Been a bit since posting but always lurking lol Custom Clear Cherry Blossom Sutro never worn. Includes 2 lenses (Prizm Road and Golf). Couldn’t decide which on I liked more in the frame. Not looking for trades at this time. 250 F&F for the lot shipped priority mail CONUS. Don’t...
  2. T

    Most Opaque Sutro Lens?

    Hey Guys. I am looking to buy Sutro for myself. I want a lens which is most opaque (other than black). The eyes shall not be visible from outside at all (or minimum). Please suggest which lens would work the best for this. TIA
  3. D

    Davy's Sutro Collection

    After the introduction it's about time to post my collection; This is the CURRENT list. Will update after expanding. Sutro, Sutro Lite and Sweep are my aim and possibly will add Encoder, Encoder Strike and Kato sometime in the future. but focussing on Sutro line first of all now. If they are...
  4. J

    Looking to buy sutro arms

    Hey all, recently purchased a pair of sutro lites, although I don’t quite like the arms. I was wondering if anyone is looking to sell any sort of pink sutro/ sutro lite arms. On top of those, also looking for any sort of pink sutro/ sutro lite icons. Thanks!
  5. U

    Sold  Oakley SUTRO OO9406 Team USA Tokyo Fade W/ PRIZM Road Lens Custom Olympic

    Custom Sutro Frame: Team USA Tokyo Fade OO9406-2937 (no sku # printed on arm) Lens: Prizm Road Icon: Satin Gold Wicket: Matte Black Condition: Used, see pictures for details. Some signs on the frame and lens. Inlcuded: Microfiber bag and case Asking for $85 F&F or $90 G&S.
  6. U

    For Sale  Sutro Origins Factory Pilot Red Black

    Sutro Origins Red Black with Coolguy Lens! Lens is nearly perfect. $100? Shoot me a message.
  7. Viktor.

    Are these Custom Sutros fire ?

    I just got my custom sutros with clear stem and low light lens. I think the are fire but i want to hear what you experts think?
  8. U

    For Sale  Precious mettle sutro

    Selling my precious mettle 24k sutros. Not the biggest fan of them. Worn once out of the house and do not like the lense. Great shape, gonna 8.5 out of 10 just becuas i have worn them. Glasses, box, bag, hardcase. More pictures can be sent if wanted, $400
  9. W

    Small Uncleanable Dots on 2 month used Sutros

    Hi everybody, after many years of using AAA sunglasses i finally decided to get the real thing (Oakley Sutro Road Jade), so far its been great, the clarity its outstanding however there is a little problem that i've been noticing everytime i clean them, there al multiple small dots that just...
  10. U

    Sold  BNIB Sutro Matte Carbon/24k

    Here is for sale BNIB Sutro Matte Carbon with 24k lens. Unused. Perfect condition. 90 USD including international shipping. Thanks for looking.
  11. D

    Sutro/Sutro Lite/Sutro Lite Sweep Comparison

    Sutro/Sutro Lite/Sutro Lite Sweep Comparison… Long time lurker, first time poster. Thought a visual might be helpful. Now I’m interested to see if it’s possible to swap Sutro Lite lenses with Sutro Lite Sweep. It looks like they should work.
  12. U

    Sold  Sutro Road Jade

    For sale Sutro Grey Ink with Prizm Road Jade lenses. Excellent condition. Price : $90 shipped.
  13. Qbekbear

    Prizm lens for bicycle touring - ROAD vs TRAIL

    Hello! I'm new here, hope to stay for a while after a succesful purchase in which I need some help from you, experienced users :) I'm shopping around for my first serious sunglasses, which I'm going to use primarily on the bike - a lot of touring, and some daily rides. Would be great if they...
  14. T

    Best Prizm Lens for Baseball?

    Since Prism Field is only available in Radar frames and my outfielder wants either Kato or Sutro frames, which Prism lens gives best visibility and protection or best replicates the prism Field?
  15. Vincent_LD

    Got the new Frogskins Kokoro and Sutro lite Odyssey collection

    Last purchase, Frogskins Kokoro and Sutro lite odyssey, The Kokoro are just perfect, love them, that's my favorite go to pair, the only things is the Prizm black is noticeably lighter than my other Prizm black but still enough dark. I'm a black frame guy, (wind jacket matte black, sutro matte...
  16. Q

    Oakley Sutro Photochromic - Supplier?

    Hello, I love my Oakley Sutro with the Prizm Road glasses for riding my road bike. Nevertheless I would like to have an Sutro with a photochromic lens because I ride often the bike in the late afternoon and sometimes I came home when its dark. It would be very nice to have glasses which I can...
  17. U

    Sold  BNIB Sutro Origins - White / Prizm Black

    BNIB Sutro Origins - White / Prizm Black Never worn or displayed. Taken out of box and case just for pictures. Complete Price $SOLD shipped USA
  18. M

    Sutro/Sutro lite temple compatibility

    Do you know if Sutro lite´s temples would fit a regular Sutro? I like de original sutro a lot but I think it lacks some adherence in the temples for my type of head, something that Sutro lite´s temples have. Another option I was considering is trying and put some Radarlock unobtanium pads in the...
  19. U

    Trading  Sutro Valentino Rossi

    sutro vr46 unused complete exchange in xmetal
  20. U

    Found  Looking for Sutro Eyeshade Special Edition

    Anyone got a pair they'd trade?
  21. U

    Sold  Oakley Sutro Precious Mettle Collection

    Oakley Sutro sunglasses Not used with all accessories Limited Series Worldwide shipping $ 550.00
  22. U

    Sold  Kokoro Sutro

    Kokoro Sutro Brand new in box. Price $ 165 Free shipping to the USA Other countries $ 15 Pay by Paypal
  23. Jerome

    Prizm Road Jade

    Just found this new Prizm Road Jade lens, when it's about to be released is unknown to me, but it's coming for multiple frames. Update Full Review: Flak 2.0 XL Radar EV Path Sutro Jawbreaker Flight Jacket From the...
  24. U

    Sold  Sutro Jade

    Just can’t get myself to like these. Looking to get $75 shipped conus. Like new only tried on and comes with microbag.
  25. Shade Station

    Win Oakley Sutro Sunglasses!

    Hey! We've teamed up with Bauer media to give you the chance to win some Oakley Sutro sunglasses across 7 of their sports magazines. Links are below, competition ends 17th May - good luck! Bike magazine - Win a pair of brand new Oakley Sutro sunglasses worth £130! Built - Win a pair of brand...
  26. Shade Station

    New Oakley Sunglasses

    Hey guys, We now have Sutro and Forager in stock from the new release, the rest to follow in April! What's everyone's thoughts on this season's collection?! Frames in order of list are: Sutro Forager Mercenary Eye Jacket Redux Frogskins Mix Oakley Sutro Sunglasses - Free Delivery - Shade...