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    Buying  Mag switch

    Looking to buy a pair of magnesium switch, Im okay if they don’t come with a box. Preferably Dark carbide or titanium. Thanks,
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    Found  Gold / Bronze Killswitch Bezel

    Looking for a gold / bronze Killswitch watch bezel. Thanks!
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    Found  Oakley Switch Blade Divot tool

    I used to have one but it was stolen and i very much want a new one for my collection. If anyone has one they would be willing to part with please contact me. Prefer in box or even NIB but not required
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    Buying  Mag Switch Ear Socks

    Hi, I'm looking for a set of earsocks for the Mag Switch. Earsocks should be in good (wearable) condition. Let me know if you have some for sale or trade. Thanks. Gunn
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    Sold  Magnesium switch pearl w/ fire iridium SKU: 03-820

    Hello all, for sale other awesome Mag, the glasses are used , but in very good condition, the frame has signs of wear, lenses and rubbers very good, one size of the nose bridge have little movement, is very little and still very good for use, came with mf-bag only. Condition: USED...
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    Sold  Magnesium Switch TiCopper / Ice Iridium

    Hi again all :) this magnesium looking for new home, is used but in very good condition, inside the nose bridge have little bubbles, but is low and can see wen you wear the glasses, see the pics, lenses perfect out scratchers, the rubbers in very good condition, came with bag only...
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    Repairing Nose on a Mag Switch Frame

    I've got a pair of Mag Switch's that have been my daily wear pair for over a decade. They have the usual wear but I still love them. A friend recently gave me a pair of identical shades that I thought I'd just keep for parts. Looking at them, though, it appears the right side of the nose bridge...