1. nixtron1

    Oakley Store-Exclusive T-Shirt

    I'm looking for other Store-Exclusive T-shirts. I already have from NY (Statue of Liberty in Red Frogskins design) and Las Vegas (What happens in Vegas... design). Are there any other cities which have this kind of T-Shirt, maybe from LA, Chicago, Boston, etc.? I'm from Toronto and went to...
  2. KillerCollector

    Oakley Security Shirts

    Small collection.
  3. i am rich

    Oakley X metal Shirts

    I do not care how much they are. It will be the most expensive t shirt I will buy. Disclaimer: box and coin not included. :p
  4. SpliceD

    Custom Frogskin + Frogskin Tee

    Had to have the all matte black frames with the Jade lenses :smile: Also picked up a "matching" Frogskin T-shirt to go with it. I think this shirt just hit the stores recently. They also had the Jupiter Trucker cap back in stock in case anyone wanted to pick one up. This was at the Irvine...