t6 screw

  1. CyclopsFan92

    Penny T6 Screw Replacement

    Is it possible to replace the T6 screws in a Penny? I replaced my lenses earlier today and I believe the screw on the right lens is slightly stripped, or starting to strip. It's secure now, but should I ever need to remove the lens for any reason, will I be able to replace this part? EDIT: More...
  2. Maveryq13

    Aftermarket Screws

    Forgive me if this has been posted.. Deja Entendu.. Is there a legit site for aftermarket T-6 screws for our X-Metals? I would rather buy a bulk of ___ screws instead of 2 from Linegear for $8. Thank you, Asking for Romeo [1], Juliet, and XX.
  3. PapaBear970


    So after almost a decade of heavy use, it's time to refurbish my XSquared frames. Already found authentic HDO polarized lenses from the Oakley site and T6 orbital short screws. Anyone know where to find authentic rubbers in color? Specifically root beer? ALSO, looking for the T6 temple hinge...
  4. U

    Buying 1 or 2 small screws - Half - x

    looking for a small screw for the half-x frame. Xman was able to remove stripped one but didnt have one available. Unsure where to get one. figured someone here would know. I don't think its that unique but am unsure. Any info or actual screws laying about let me know. thanks!