1. Maveryq13

    Round Eye Collection

    Yes, you read that right; Show me your round eye collection! My trifecta. I tried the Madman and didn't like them, so here's my current lineup; I hope to add a Crater. Let's see yours!
  2. U

    Buying Tailend

    Let me know what you guys have. Thanks
  3. U

    Deal Wires & O-MATTER / price drop!

    All prices are OBO and conus!! International is on your dime after first 5 bucks!! The first pair is a set of Jordan 00 wires with ice iridium!! The rubbers are a little cut and tacky and lenses have multiple scratches with 2 being big !! I'm looking for 55 with a small soft vault! The second...
  4. U

    Deal Trade for Frogskin Lite

    Looking to trade EITHER a pair of new, never worn Tailends, Eye Jackets, Valve or Splice for a pair of Frogskin Lite. Pm me for pics of the available glasses. Thanks.
  5. U

    For Sale A few of my collection up for sale PRICE DROP

    looking to get rid of some of my collection to a good home! All shipped inside the U.S. Rio 2016 Sliver 10/10 condition also comes with a Rio Pin $105 shipped Two Face Matte cloud with Black iridium Pol 10/10 really hard to find $135 shipped Oakley Vegas hard case SOLD Oakley Tailend with...
  6. ShockWall

    Difference in color

    Sometimes I get confused about some product color over the internet. As you can see on these two pictures: These pictures are from the same Tailend (the same SKU), but it has a huge diffrerence on the colors. The second one has kind a silver finish. The same happens with the Torch...
  7. ShockWall

    My Tailand

    Finally I bought my Tailend Titanium/Black Iridium over Internet. I'm so excited! I was in doubt about take the Tailend or the Madman. oO I've chose it because it has a modern and very unique design but not so agressive as Madman. It has also have a metal frames, wich is very attractive to me...
  8. 92subzero

    $68 Oakley Men's Tailend Carbon frame Grey lens on Shnoop.com

    Use "SDTAILEND7" code to reduce price from $75 down to $68. Shnoop.com - Daily Deals, Deal of the Day, 1 Day Sale
  9. bean323

    tailend glasses sale?

    https://www.shnoop.com/oakley/5231-oakley-mens-oo4088-tailend-round-sunglasses.html?utm_content=e12c753ffda115a1e3732d933b827fb5&utm_campaign=Email%20-%20032816&utm_source=Robly.com&utm_medium=email not sure but thought i would pass on.
  10. Hawaii-5-Jo

    Yup I'm a O addict

    Well got some new additions. I think I'm officially O-ddicted...Good bye savings account :) Got a pair of badmans: Ferrari dark carbon w/ black irid & X Ti w/ chrome irid A Tailend pewter w/ fire irid. This pair is unreal. The fire is beautiful in this frame. These are the 3 biggest...