1. U

    Sold Time Bomb 2

    Time bomb2 Superficial scratches on all links, The bracelet was cut to a very small size, with no additional links. 100% functional The box is in good condition, some wear and tear. Includes manual and Blu-ray disc. If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will...
  2. weshardeniv

    Early TB2 Prototype Images

    I’m sure these images of the Time Bomb II/TB2 prototype have been posted on here at some point, but I came across them and found them cool. I love seeing the concept to prototype to production process.
  3. U

    Sold TB2 10th Anniversary Edition

    TB2 10th Anniversary Edition the bracelet is scratched, 6 links were removed, the crystal is in perfect condition, the function is perfect. Price Sold Pay by Paypal Free shipping to the USA
  4. Jason O_adic

    Time Bomb elite 2

    hi O’bros.... Any idea how to adjust the band on TB2? And is their any after market rubber that we can purchse? Thanks and more power....
  5. TourDeOldham

    Tb2 automatic colour differences

    Hi there Oakley experts can any body explain why some of my tb2 are in white (the writing on face ) and some are in red I know he ichiro tb2 are in White with there own lower series number on them probably cause they special
  6. U

    Trading SF16-C FOR DIAMOND DIAL mm OR TB2

    Wanting to trade an SF16-C for a diamond dial black minute machine or timebomb 2 plus some Cash on my part
  7. Amak.2DK

    Living Strong Time Bomb 2 Owner's List

    Updated: May 5, 2021 Hey everyone, Was suggested by @cacatman prior to creating this thread for the people who owns the Living Strong Time Bomb 2 Edition. If you have one, please share the photos and I'll he gladly to list those serial accordingly. Living Strong Time Bomb 2 Edition #8 -...
  8. Amak.2DK

    Package all the way from Africa!

    Just received this package from Africa you guys and I'm just speechless! From this... To this... Tadaaa... Would like to give a shout out to @Pierre Naude for relocating this gorgeous watch. Great experience on owning my first Oakley Watch! Thanks once again bro!
  9. Sun & Sand

    The first fake Time Bomb II of 2017 on eBay

    Buyer beware: eBay item 162579560992 is a replica Time Bomb II being sold as if it were authentic. This is the first replica I've seen on eBay this year, so at least the replicas are not as common as they used to be. I have notified BrandProtection@Oakley.com
  10. U

    Trading 12gauge stealth for XMetals

    looking to trade my 12 gauge stealth for some xmetals. The watch has new battery about 2 months old. Crystal is good there is a little scratch on the metal under the 6pm. Shown in pic also the clasp has some silver showing through. The band has been cut to fit medium/small wrist, the box is good...
  11. Sun & Sand

    Yet Another Fake Time Bomb II on eBay

    Another fake Time Bomb II has appeared on eBay, item 401154794828. Oakley Timebomb II 2 Limited Editon Watch New
  12. U

    Buying Wodden Watch Cases PLEASE

    hello O-community, i need a bit help . . . i'm looking for some watch boxes for the Hollowpoint and so on. Please send me a PM with a picture of what you have and the price tag! thanx Oakleynerd but you could check my for sale threads - maybe we could trade: - Italy Fuel Cell Edition - Antix...
  13. U

    Buying Time Bomb 2

    Hi, I am looking for a Tb2. The Red one not the yellow one. Please make me and offer.