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    For Sale Fernando's sales " Consolidate tread " New: All prices drop "

    Welcome to my consolidate sales thread... General Information: Payments in paypal G&S All prices include shipping Worldwide from spain. Additional pictures available upon request. Trades I would consider: Carbon Fiber Money Clip 40 Years Anniversary Book Robotic Store f. Carbon carabine...
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    For Sale WTS LNOB Teaspoon Light Bronze w/ black persimmon iridium SKU: 05-781

    hi all Other awasome and rare frame for sale, very dificult to get in this condition, this time Oakley Teaspoon light bronze frame with black persimmon iridium lenses, like new, always in the retail store never been used, don't have box, came with mf-bag and black case. SKU: 05-781 All Is...