1. U

    Buying  Ten X

    Looking for this exact pair tens. Probably a long shot but never know whos sitting on it .
  2. U

    Sold  LNIB Tens - Cheap!

    Selling 2 LNIB new generation Tens. Both are flawless. 1) Brown tortoise / gold iridium - $65 2) Alinghi - $80 Prices include shipping in NA. Take both for $125 Would also consider trading for Holbrooks (including metal).
  3. dh4645

    My small collection. Done for now.

    The wife has gold feedbacks, violet haze conquests, & game changers she keeps in her car. Her fives, fates & 1 other are being saved for the kid, since the wife thinks they are too small for her face... the ladies like the big lens styles, I guess In order of purchase new to old: Wind Jacket...
  4. Ventruck

    Oakley Ten Nosepad Suggestions?

    Just got an Oakley Ten pair. Bit of a gamble but I like them enough to make them work. Right now the frames hit my (high) cheeks, and my really narrow nose doesn't help clear them. Seems if I can just fill the nose in a bit to raise the pair overall, the fit would be near-perfect - probably even...