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    Buying  Ten X

    Looking for this exact pair tens. Probably a long shot but never know whos sitting on it .
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    Sold  Tens Lava / VR28 #SOLD

    Hello OFamily for sale this Bnib Tens lava frame with vr28 lenses in new condition wit put any use, comes complete with the box, bag and papers, the old schools never died Lolll. SKU: 04-222 Frame 10/10 Lenses 10/10 Price: $75 for the glasses + $35 for the fees and shipping. $110 allin #SOLD...
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    Sold  Black Gold Ten X

    Original Tens - Black Gold w/ Gold Irid Polarized Planned on stealing the lenses to used in xx xm, unfortunately these are just a touch too narrow. On the brightside that gives someone the chance to save this exceptionally clean example of vintage tens off my hands, before I think of something...