the x-man

  1. U

    Sold  Romeo 1 custom matte white

    Romeo 1 custom matte white in awesome condition. Done by The X-Man a while back but still look as when they arrived from him. Has Ice custom cut lenses in good condition, but on the outside there's some peeling on the edges, but doesn't affect line of sight. LG blue rubbers, but missing one of...
  2. Tycho_005917

    A bad Penny always turns up

    Rescued Penny frame from eBay. Frame needed new earsocks and nose bombs, orbital screws, lenses, cleaning..etc. These things were banged up... X-Man tuned them up before I even saw them myself so I assume they were even worse originally. Arms are a little longer than my current Penny frame. One...
  3. S

    Prescription Lenses

    I have some Juliets that are 15 years old, and I had them reworked by the X-man a few years ago. Seriously the were like new after that. Such a great service!!! When I got them 15 years ago I shipped them to SportsVisionBend to get lenses since my glasses have a prism, but now they don’t...
  4. Shilock

    Awesome Xman / Chris Hardaway Juliet Colab

    A big THANKS to @THE X-MAN and @Chris A Hardaway I don’t remember the last time i teared up. Maybe when Rudy finally got on the field or when Roy McAvoy holed out with his last ball (Tin Cup) or when the Mavericks won the NBA Championship. All I know is when opened my restored Juliets from...
  5. U

    Sold  X-MAN Gloss Black XS frame $300

    I hate to part with this beautiful pair, but I have some forthcoming medical bills courtesy of a miter saw accident. This frame was once a Carbon frame, sku OO6011-01, and was restored and tuned by THE X-MAN last summer. After periodic wear, I'd say that the overall fit is just shy of X-MAN...