1. F

    oakley thump tribal MOD?

    I Have bought a pair of oakley Thump Tribal and they dont work flawlessly anymore. I was wondering if it was possible for someone to MOD my pair of sunglasses so i can use Bluetooth to lissin to music. Not sure if anyone has done or tried it before but would love to get into contact with...
  2. U

    For Sale Oakley Thump Pro Sticker

    Got more than a few of these laying around from years past. Sticker measures 9 inches in length. Will be send in a normal envelope via usps. "Oakley" is in Silver; "Thump Pro" is in Black. $5 per sticker.
  3. SteamTest

    Troubleshooting Oakley 256 thumps! Please Help!

    Hello to the people of the oakley forum and visitors of this thread, i just got a pair of thumps, bought them locally, the seller has previously left it untouched and stored for a long time and said that he doesn't know if it's gonna turn on… So i went through with multiple tests, tried...
  4. X

    Thump 256 Help please.

    I own a pair of Thump 256 Lil' Jon Red camo Thumps. they work well and connect & charge fine BUT... My Windows 10 computer just won't recognize them to add remove music. I tried both the original CD and file from the Oakley site with no luck. I tried the reset procedure from the manual...
  5. U

    For Sale Oakley Sunglasses (Thump, Romeo, Turbine, Mag Heater, Crosshair 2.0)

    Hello, In the process of helping my family downsize before moving across the country, we've begun looking to sell some of our Oakley products to people who would get more use or enjoyment out of them. Most still have the original box/case, but the ones without the original case were rehoused in...
  6. thepostman

    Split Thump Jamiroquai

    Hi everyone, Just add this to my small collection any more info? I heard they go only 500 pieces, but never got any official info about serial numbers just in love, and the speakers is so loud thats sweety, thinking on put some violet iridium lens what yall thought?
  7. U

    Sold Thump White Camo 128Mb / Black Iridium

    Hello OF for sale now a thump white camo with 128mb, used but in very good condition, they have no bumps or scratches, everything is fine and works perfectly, it comes complete with all its accessories, the only bad thing is that the cd is a little scratched but I have tested it on the computer...
  8. U

    For Sale Thump Matte Black 128Mb / Black Iridium - need lenses

    Hello OF for sale this sample Thump Matte Black 128Mb with Black Iridium, We had in the store but a lens was scratched and we took them off, since then it has been stored, everything works perfectly, need lenses. price: $120 allin Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees and shipping with tracking number and...
  9. JapaOkl

    Thump pink original oakley

    hello my friends oakleys I saw this image on a profile on instagram and I got curious. would that thump be pink? original oakley?
  10. U

    I buy THUMP

    I buy, thump may have defect, please leave value and contact, send to brazil:cool-20:
  11. U

    Sold Display X Metal Custom Gold, Copper, Polished. ( New photos)

    Display X Metal Custom Gold, Copper, Polished The stand's are totally new and are in their original color. They will be taken to customize with the color of your choice. Price $ 75 each Free shipping to the USA Pay by Paypal.
  12. U

    Sold Mp3 Jewel Display, Eyewear Jewel Display $50

    Mp3 Jewel Display -Eyewear Jewel Display Eyewear jewel display 89- 422 (new) Mp3 jewel display 89-694 (new) Price for each $ 50 price for the two $ 90 Pay by Paypal free shipping to usa.
  13. U

    Sold Mp3 Jewel display, Eyewear jewel display,Display 2.0 kit

    Mp3 Jewel display, Eyewear jewel, Display 2.0 kit sale as a whole Display 2.0 kit 97-898 new It includes: 2 display's 1 post 2 display's 2 posts 1 display 3 post 5 ad card Eyewear jewel display 89- 422 new Mp3 jewel display 89-694 new Price $210 Pay by Paypal sent free only to the...
  14. U

    For Sale Thump 2's

    Looking to sell a few Thump 2's. Please let me know if you have any questions. Polished White with Black Iridium - 512MB - glasses are like new, fully functionally. Comes with USB cord, installation disc and booklet. - SOLD Polished Black with Grey - 256MB - Only the right earbud...
  15. U

    For Sale Original Thumps

    Looking to sell some original Thumps. Both are brand new in the box. However, both batteries are dead; they will need to be replaced. The only other issue is that the flap that covers the charging port snapped off. It is still on the Thumps, but is no longer attached to the frame. Please...
  16. U

    For Sale Banners

    Got a few banners that have been in storage; looking to see if someone else can make use of them. "Retail Experience" banner - $30 shipped Thump 2 (double sided - Lil' Jon on one side; female on the other) - $50 shipped Prototype Original Thump - $60 shipped Prototype Original Thump with...
  17. U

    Sold Post Hurricane Irma SALE

    Got hit by Irma. My home is fine, my belongings are fine, just drained my bank account and looks like the restaurant I work in won't be open for business for a couple of weeks at least. So I decided to let go of a few things I have. All prices include conus shipping. Will ship worldwide and...
  18. U

    Sold Thump Stand

    $40 If you buy any of my X-Metal donor lenses, the OO Black X-Squared, or the Carbon Juliet box, I will cut you a great deal on the thump stand. For Sale - Carbon Juliet Box/coin -- now $55 For Sale - Donor Lenses: Big Taco, Plaintiff, and Turbine For Sale - Or trade, XS Polished Carbon OO...
  19. Hemetwhiteguy

    Thump help

    Hi everyone I just acquired a pair of thump glasses and I am unsure of the model so I can figure out a way to buy some earbuds any help with model and or a website to buy earbuds even a universal pair brand that would just plug in would be awesome thanks
  20. U

    For Sale Or trade Nitraid thump 512mb (rare)

    A very rare etched lense having thump. It works but has overall damage. Lenses are poor, frame and bits are in poor state. Can be used as a parts piece and kept as rare item! No idea of its value so I'm starting at 100$ plus shipping! Thanks for checking!
  21. Lupetto

    Nitraid thump

    Found a unicorn.. nitraid thump Japan exclusive with no searchable info on google.. Anyone have any info?.
  22. Greasedscotsman

    Oakley Radar Pace

    Are these new? Not sure I've seen them before. 18 - Megeve TT small - Images | Gruber Images (apologies if this has been posted already, not a very frequent user here...)
  23. tacticalmusician

    Split Thump trouble

    Hey, everyone. I just acquired a pair of Split THUMPs and I'm trying to get them working. They charge and are showing the green light, but they will not power on. The manual has not been helpful at all and the firmware update from the website doesn't seem to work on my Windows 10 laptop. And...
  24. U

    For Sale AP Phone cases and Thump Replacement Speakers

    I have 3 Brand New With Tags AP Phone Cases and 4 BNIB Thump Replacement Speakers (3 still have plastic around box) $25 each Shipped CONUS G&S
  25. U

    Sold Fer Thread To Sales ( News: Crosshair Ducati limited edition #SOLD )

    Welcome to my sales thread "your home", this will be the selling space of my oakley's, I will update the title with news. Shipping: Worldwide from Spain, all with tracking number and insurance, use CORREOS - Operador español servicio postal y paquetería for check, shipping is no included on...
  26. bean323

    Oakley Thump Replacement Lens

    Got a old thump and looking for replacement lens. any idea what would work? thanks in advance.