1. rodriguezz37

    Hello from Bay Area, CA

    Just wanted to do a quick intro. I’m big into running and just switched from rayban exclusive to oakley. My two pairs right now: Thumps (Root Beer) , Corridor (Prizm) Looking to add Over the Top in the next few months.
  2. R

    Thumps and O Rokrs

    I collect Thumps and O Rokrs. I have 16 Thumps of various generations, 3 O Rokrs and 3 O Rokr Pro's. I have also become proficient in replacing the batteries and other minor repairs. Does anybody else collect these unique Oakley glasses?
  3. X

    Thump 256 Help please.

    I own a pair of Thump 256 Lil' Jon Red camo Thumps. they work well and connect & charge fine BUT... My Windows 10 computer just won't recognize them to add remove music. I tried both the original CD and file from the Oakley site with no luck. I tried the reset procedure from the manual...