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    Deal My Juliet for your Penny

    Hello All! I have a mint, like new, polished juliet with fire iridium lenses(polarized) No blemishes, scratches on frames 9.9/10 Lenses are basically scratch free but will say 9.5/10 Nose bridge is like new(very little play) not XMAN tight Rubbers are all OEM new condition no box, no coin...
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    R1 TI bone beater with emeralds

    I botched the cut on one of the lenses and am unsure if you can tell they are different shades of emerald iridium. would you recommend green Ichiro color rubbers or black?
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    Finally got these -Tinfoil Carbon Ti!

    Since the day we got the Tinfoil Carbon Ti in store with Ti lenses, I have been dying to get them and well today I finally got them!