ti02 juliet

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    Sold  Custom hammerstemed Juliet (ti02 themed)

    Well, since everybody and their brother decided to sell their Juliet's at the same time, I'm going to go ahead and throw mine in the ring as well 🤷‍♂️ I had made a "trade" post for them, but I've decided to just sell em out right. So here we go.... What Im offering Is my custom ti02 themed...
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    Sold  Ti02 Juliet project 250$

    Selling a very clean Ti02 Juliet project frame. It is all original, no serial.The orbital bolt is stuck in the frame. The bolt head has been drilled out. I have tired to get the most representative pictures I could. Please Pm me with any questions. looking for SOLD plus shipping obo
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    Sold  MINT Juliet ti02 w/ vr28 Black iridium #SOLD

    Hi O-family For sale Juliet ti02 3gen Used in mint condition, came with bag only, the lenses have some signs of wear, but nothing important not to get out on photos, All Is Oem. Condition: MINT SKU: 04-124 Serial JT015766B Lenses 8/10 Rubbers 9/10 Frame 9/10 Right orbital nose...
  4. MachineHead

    Custom Ti02 Juliet

    so i finally got some pics for one of the reblasts that i did for free* before: after: *xmetal rebalst was free but ti02/tune up had a minimal fee. thank you @scienergy for taking the risk. glad you liked it and thank you for the continued patronage. please send me pics of the xx that i...