ti02 xx

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    Sold  FURTHER REDUCED beautiful sapphire Ti02 XX

    For sale is my custom ti02 XX in excellent condition. Customized sky blue accents throughout with saphhire lenses Frame 9.5/10 a couple small scratches visible in the right light Coupler 9/10 not factory tight but imho perfect amount of play for wearing them Lens 10/10 brand new sapphire blue...
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    Sold  Trick ‘O Treat sale

    X metal XX in Ti02 finish with OEM Jade lenses. $405 shipped and insured within the US. PM with questions or if you wish to see more detailed pictures.
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    Sold  Weekend special!! XX ti02 later gen plasma complete with options

    I have a like new complete not matching with box and coin XX ti02 I'm looking to sell. This frame has no serial# and it's basically brand new! I've used it twice but other than that it's just like new. The lenses are black iridium and they are in decent condition definitely wearable but not...
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    Deal  Like new just refinished XX ti02 black tie

    I recently received these but have a few other projects in the works so unfortunately this needs to go. It's a 24k XX refinished and tuned by the Xman in a black tie combo and this one comes with the shiny plasma orbitals. It has oem BI lenses in good condition not great but has little things...
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    Trading  Matte black XX for 2nd gen or later ti02 XX

    I have a matte black XX in mint condition tuned and refinished by the Xman that I'm looking to trade for a 2nd gen or later ti02 XX. I want the shiny plasma orbitals. Let me know what you have I will post pics in a few.