1. U

    Sold  Trick ‘O Treat sale

    X metal XX in Ti02 finish with OEM Jade lenses. $405 shipped and insured within the US. PM with questions or if you wish to see more detailed pictures.
  2. wesleyavieira98

    What are you favorite Oakley glasses ?

    I’m a huge fan of x-metal, so my favorite pair could not be different, even though I love all X-Metal pairs, I have always had a crush on the Xx 24k, so thats definitely my favorite one. Here are some pictures of mine:
  3. U

    Sold  Ti02 Juliet project 250$

    Selling a very clean Ti02 Juliet project frame. It is all original, no serial.The orbital bolt is stuck in the frame. The bolt head has been drilled out. I have tired to get the most representative pictures I could. Please Pm me with any questions. looking for SOLD plus shipping obo
  4. U

    Buying  XX Ti02 2nd gen or later

    I'm looking for a XX ti02 2nd gen or later. I don't want the dull or bone plasma orbitals. I don't need the box or anything like that. Let me know what you have.
  5. U

    Sold  New Eye Jacket Custom Ti02 Black and white - $80

    Hello all I have this new eye jacket custom ti02 black and white frame, never used, the frame no is 10 for the little defect in the paint in the logo of the front see pics, ever in the tower and I decided to sell to any can enjoy it, is time to give better times and love to this awesome frame...
  6. U

    Sold  juliet ti02 plasma&xmetal w/ vr28 bip & reverse ti02 w/ gold iridium #SOLD

    Hello o-family for sale this awesome Juliet's custom ti02 plasma & Xmetal combo frame, and ti02 reversed, the frame are perfect and I make a tune-up's today, instal new red Ducati ear-shocks t-shocks and nose pads, and put new lenses in both frames, all is new and oem. Price for both $730 but...
  7. Jacob Carstens

    A few new items...

    Last week was good to me.. 2000 French Catalogue Another White Chrome Minute XX Fl. St. X-Metal XX Tio2 complete X-Metal 24K mint Pro Racing Jackets - Pearl + Dark Chrome
  8. F

    Greetings from a TiO2 Wearer

    Hey guys So I just joined a couple days ago here are some pics of my 12 year old TiO2 pair - they seriously are an amazing pair of sunglasses and well I'd wear them 24 hours a day if I could - then again I guess it isn't illegal to wear sunglasses at night...
  9. D

    deep cleaning hard yellow residue on neglected x-metals

    I have two pairs of X-metal XX Ti02. And when I wore them in the early 2000's I didn't clean the rubber or frames. Now I have the very sticky residue on the rubbers which I will try the wash and boil method. But my question is the frame. All that oil and sunscreen under the rubbers leaked...
  10. U

    For Sale  X-Metal XX Ti02

    Good afternoon fellow Oakley enthusiasts. I am looking to sell my XX Ti02. I bought them from a forum member and am looking to sell them for what I paid for them. Frame is in great shape and I just installed a brand new set of lenses in them. $540 plus shipping and 3% Paypal fees to wherever...