1. Millertime2598

    Sold Timebomb Vault

    Recently picked this up in a bundle deal and really have no use for it. Overall vault is still in good shape, just missing the padding material where the watch is cradled. Opening/closing is a little loose. Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking for $65 shipped in the US.
  2. Esper

    What's the back story on the TBI Stealth?

    Hi, I recently saw an ebay auction for the TBMkI Stealth where the seller said only 1999 were produced. It sounded a bit suspect but anyway it set me thinking. What is the true back story to the Stealth TBI? And for that matter all the other variations of TB's? Anybody know or a link a thread...
  3. mustangjt

    Time Bomb Complete Forged Band, real or fake?

    Came across this on the bay. Seller is in Australia. Feed back shows this is the 2nd complete band he’s selling in the last month. I can’t tell if it is a legit TB forged band or not. Oakley Timebomb original Titanium bracelet | eBay
  4. Lars

    A couple watches today.

    Got me these two today. The black time bomb fits but I should get one more link. The GMT I need a few links for. So if anyone has any for sale please pm me.
  5. mustangjt

    Time Bomb 1 Watch Band Pins and Disassembly

    I picked up a couple TB1’s that needed a thorough cleaning to remove gunk/funk/DNA. The main band to Case pins were bowed so I knew I would need new pins. I figured I might as well replace all the pins. This was the first time I’ve had to replace pins because I was never a watch guy until...
  6. Hux78

    Buying Roached TB1

    I am looking for a Timebomb or timebombs that are roached out. I would prefer it to be working but that’s not a requirement. I would also like to have the crystal intact and not cracked, surface scratches are fine as long as you can still make out the face. I have a project I am wanting to...
  7. Amak.2DK

    Time Bomb 1 and Icon Owner List

    Hey Everyone, creating this thread for the people who owns the TB1 (Time Bomb1) and the Icon. I know there's variety of faces and finish would be Polished and TI. So please state what you have and I'll Organized according ti the serial number and included the details. Example: Ti/Blue...
  8. xmetal40

    Oakley Time Bomb Serial List

    Anyone still keep tabs on the serial list? Thought I would find it rather quickly. Hoping for some help as I am attempting to help @OakleyBoss with the Oakley Database. Thanks for any links, information or possible solutions.
  9. Jmgarcia

    Sold Timebomb

    For sale a "Cannon yellow" Ti Timebomb1. It is in immaculate condition. Never used but displayed. Links, glass, sight glass, clasp and finish is mint. It is a second generation as it has the double clasp with the "O". Comes with a black box only. Asking $750, shipped, insured and signature...
  10. Lupetto

    For Sale Time Bomb 1 Ion/black

    Comes complete like first day from store! All boxes in great shape. Ion plated + black face runs very smooth! The ion plating shows all imperfections and this one does have microscratches all over but difficult to spot when wearing. Looks Fantastic! Comes in metal box! And has both rubber...
  11. Lupetto

    Sold Tb1 titanium / carbon face

    For sale a very nice set time bomb 1. Asking 400$ plus shipping. Has all links (no pins) and rubber pads + metal case. The glass has very minor blemishes not deep or noticeable. Please send message with any questions. Thanks for checking. Replaced the capacitor so you can save on refurbish now...
  12. BHarry

    A little update...

    In the summer months I typically don't have a lot of time for posting because my job/life is very hectic. I do however find time to buy things… I figured I would do a long overdue update on some of the stuff I hadn't shared since this summer :beach: I was able to find a like new Stealth...
  13. chris morrison

    Oakley green time bomb replica

    I picked up this replica from craigslist thinking it was a model I had never heard of Payed a pretty penny ! fits about a 7 in wrist works flawlessly date and everything! No scratches but the pins that hold the band together are loose could use replacement. How much might I get for this watch ...
  14. Fernando

    Trading Your MM polished blue, Time bomb 1 or 2 for any of my stuff

    hello all I'm looking for a time bomb 1 and time bomb 2 any sku, and minute machine polished blue face sku: 26-328, I have many stuff for trade, glasses included x-metals, displays, and more, pm with what you have, and we can see if can make a deal. Thanks for look.
  15. Fernando

    Sold Or trade Time bomb 1 - low serial - $290

    Hello all... For sale time bomb 1, is used but in good condition, have signs of wear but still good for enjoy. Description: USED Price $290 #SOLD all in Paypals g&s, shipping with tracking number included to all Thanks for look.
  16. chris morrison

    Quartz timebomb watch ? What is it fake or real pre timebomb ?

    Just courious to what I have found ? Is this a real Oakley watch and is there any value ?
  17. Jason Hartbarger

    Buying Timebomb II

    Looking for a TB2 and have cash or plenty of RARE stuff to trade as well.
  18. lazafari

    Buying Timebomb 2 rubber band

    looking for the rubber part for my timebomb 2 band... The regular red one, mine is used and wanted a new one to have spare... I saw a coiple month ago some one was selling but couldnt find the add... Please if any one knows tag the seller, or if u have one to sell let me know. Thnks yall
  19. Pospaintballer

    Timebomb still best?

    Anyone still think the timebomb is the best timepiece from Oakley?
  20. J

    Is this Timebomb Authentic? for $250?

    I have some serious doubts if this is authentic: Pre Owned Authentic Oakley Time Bomb Mens Watch Steath Black | eBay Please share your thoughts
  21. M

    Original Timebomb Movement

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and hoping you might be able to help. I'm trying to find out what the movement in my Timebomb is. My crown went missing and Oakley tells me that they don't have the part any more. my thought is, if i know the movement, maybe i can frankenstein a replacement crown onto...
  22. BHarry

    Tick, tick... Boom

    My wife bought me my first Oakley watch for Christmas and I didn't really think I would need anymore… I made it 4 months :D I picked up a Time Bomb In decent shape for a good price. It has a few scuffs on the band and one small scratch on the bezel. It didn't have the aluminum vault, but it did...
  23. kronin323

    TB Capacitor vs. rechargeable battery - useless knowledge

    As some may know, I recently purchased a TB and have been digging around for some more info about the history of the product. In doing so, I've found some people had some confusion about capacitors vs. rechargeable batteries, and I thought I'd share some useless knowledge on the subject. Many...
  24. Herr Lehmann

    Buying Time Bomb 2

    Hi, I am looking for a Tb2. The Red one not the yellow one. Please make me and offer.
  25. K

    Looking for a estimated price

    So I have a Time bomb that is the titanium with the white dial and I've heard that there were more rare than some of the others from a local rep. Is this the case? If so, what are they worth? I've heard numbers that are all over the board and I'm not sure what to believe. Any ideas? It's in...
  26. michaelpule

    For Sale Blender, Holbrooks, Time Bomb funny car and maybe more...

    Need to sell something fast, here's an album of what I'm looking to move in addition to some shots embedded. Oakley Sale 2015 - Imgur Blender with Orange (picture makes it look yellow, it's orange like my hair). $70 Holbrook LX Brown Stripe $90 Time Bomb Funny Car $100 Australian Red $90...
  27. xmetal40

    Time Bomb Icon vs Small Icon Watch?

    What are the differences between Time Bomb, icon and small icon watches: weight, face size, etc? Anyone have any thoughts?
  28. I

    Time Bomb/Eddie Jordan Limited Edition

    Can Anyone tell me what this watch sold for new and what it is worth today? Kind Regards Mike