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    Sold Minute Machine Parts for Sale: Polished Links

    *SOLD* Complete Metal Band: 13 links, includes band to watch case screws and washers. Excellent condition. All screws and washers are OEM. $525 PayPal G&S shipped. CONUS. *SOLD* Polished Links (2 available): Brand new. Each link includes OEM washers and screws. $60 each PayPal G&S, shipped...
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    Sold Time Tank Polished / Blue dial

    Hello OFamily I put this beauty on sale, I have used it only a couple of times, it is perfect, it has no marks or scratches, it is as new as the first day, it is complete with all its papers, extra links and its boxes, I had it in the showcase that I hope someone enjoy it. SKU: 26-328 9/10...
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    For Sale Oakley Watch Collection

    I’m going to be selling most of my watch collection, with the exception of my GMT & Time Tank. I’m in the east, in the UK. I’m going to make a video of each of my watches I intend to part with so you all can see every little detail, but I’m making this post so I remember to come back and update...
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    Sold Time Tank all black with Ti band $1200

    Good day! I'm selling an all black Time Tank (dials and face plate) for a friend. He switched the original leather band out with the Ti band (leather band not included). Comes will all 13 links, boxes, and paperwork. Its been sitting in a drawer since he bought it quite a while ago. There is a...
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    Found Minute machine Silver dial

    Looking for a minute machine silver dial. Brand new, BNIB, like new, 10/10, y’all got it, eh!? Hey O fans, how y’all doing? hope everyone’s doing fine. So, long story short, I’d like to realize a childhood dream. Finally decided to pull the trigger on a silver dial minute machine. So please, if...
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    Found Minute Machine

    Hey Looking for a MM with the metal bracelet/strap. Any colour considered but black is my least favourite. Must be willing to ship to the UK Cheers, Oz
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    Sold Black on black minute machine

    Looking to sell my black minute machine in good but used condition. Has normal marks from being worn but no deep scratches. Comes with the box. In great condition with all layers. Bracelet, the last link comes with but I took it off. I also have a good condition leather strap that can be...
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    Found Minute Machine or Time Tank in New or Mint Condition

    I'm interested in buying a Minute Machine or Time Tank. I don't have a specific color/face in mind. However, I want the watch to be new, or near-new/mint condition. If you have one you want to sell, could you send me high-resolution pics, and prices to mflacche@gmail.com so I can see what...
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    Sold Copper Minute Machine

    Hi gang. Selling a fantastic condition Copper Minute Machine/Time Tank with original box and papers, for a friend. Everything is near mint with the possibility of some very minor wear marks on the band/clasp. Crystal is flawless. New battery in May 2019. Comes with all 13 links. As you can see...
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    Found Minute Machine(black/ gold distressed look ) With instrument of time box.

    Comes with all packaging , outer cardboard, inner black cardboard box with manual , comes with best display box ( instrument of time ) coin. Watch is in perfect condition has all 13 links . Price is 1,500$ plus shipping ( it’s a bit heavy with wood display box. Price is firm and I’m not...
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    Sold Watch Sale: Complete Polished Minute Machine, Holeshot Bundle, Beater Transfer Case

    Polished Blue Minute Machine. LNIB. Displayed only. The only mark I see is at the unpolished area next to the clasp pin. No issues with movement. Includes watch with all 13 links, storage case, outer cardboard box, and a spare brand new polished watch case (does not have a crown or back cover)...
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    Sold Time Tank Titanium / Copper “ MM “

    Hello OFamily decided to sell one more of my time tank the Titanium / Copper in low used condition, very mint, i have used it with great care and love, it has some use marks but it is in great condition, continue with the transparent plastic of the back inside, comes with the black box that has...
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    Sold Time Tank Titanium / Red “ MM “

    Hello Of I decided to sell one of my time tank the Titanium / Red in used condition, i have used it with great care and love, it has some use marks but it is in great condition, comes with the black box that has some brands of use. SKU: 10-251 Price $1120 allin ( or best offer) Paypal g&s (...
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    Found WTB Oakley watch: Red-faced Minute Machine or Timebomb 2. - open for offers

    Hello Oakley Forum! I'd like to buy one of the following watches: - Red-faced Minute Machine - in good, working condition, with titanium band, preferably with all the links and the box - Timebomb 2. - in excellent, working/maintained condition - preferably with uncut band I'm open...
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    Sold Minute Machine Red Dial, Titanium Bracelet, unworn condition

    03/03/2019 Long time no talk Friends. I have been absent as to work and crazy hours. I quit that job and relocated to the other side of the country where the sun shines! That said, I have a minute machine red dial in unworn condition. I still have the box, the packing materials, warranty card...
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    Buying Beater MM w/Ti Band - Cash or Trade

    Looking for a beater / well used MM/TT. Must be mechanically sound Must have the titanium bracelet / band I have cash, &/or X-Metal’s XX & XS frames for trade. No new or nice conditions please - this is destined for customizing. Thank you
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    Sold Time Tank with Silver Face and Black Dials, Leather Band

    For Sale is a Time Tank with Silver/Black Face and leather band. There are some minor scratches on the case. No issues with the sapphire. Leather band is new and unworn. Just installed a new battery. Will ship in brown watch box. $510 PayPal G&S, shipped USPS priority, CONUS. PM me if outside...
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    Sold Bnib (silver) Minute Machine

    For sale a bnib Minute Machine never used only displayed. Has most of plastic wrapping including back and front cover. Comes with display box but no outer box or paperwork ( I can add if required). Price Sold ! plus shipping ( around 40$ worldwide ) pm with any questions. Thanks for checking!
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    For Sale Black w/Black dial Time Tank.

    For sale used time tank ( gen1 Minute Machine ) black face with black dial with unobtanium band. Shows signs of use especially the band but still looks great. SOLD $Obo with box and packaging plus shipping 40$ worldwide. Please pm with any questions. Thanks for checking!
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    Sold Redface Minute Machine watch

    Hi guys. I’m selling my redface MM. Watch is in great condition - protection still on rear face. Very minor signs of wear - see photos. Ask any questions you might have. Watch and 1 extra link - no box. 750 $ - including tracked shipping. Cheers Jacob
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    For Sale Minute machine Links $60

    Im selling original Oakley Minute Machine Titanium Links with links and washers 1 Titanium Link + 2 Washers + 2 Screws for $60 + shipping paid via PayPal.
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    Bracelet made of Minute Machine links

    What do you think? Links all the way around
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    Trading Looking for Time Tank/Minute Machine

    Need metal band as I am going to use some of @SiRacer420 custom washers. Possible trade items could include retina burn Jawbone, Juliets, XS Carbon OO Black (see link), and various lenses. This does not need to be a pristine watch. I am going to send it to @zwc0442 for customization. With...
  24. The_Darkone

    A little time from the Darkside

    It doesn't really matter what time it is on the Darkside because once you enter you are never leaving :vinsent: but thought I would share a few pieces I have collected from the poor souls who have entered...... Just waiting on a few more guests to arrive
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    Sold Oakley Minute Machine Silver Face LNIB

    Hi O Bros, Very reluctantly, I am looking sell my Oakley Minute Machine Silver Face to fund another O purchase. I got this BNIB in December 2016 and worn less than 5 times. They are in mint condition - no scratches on the sapphire crystal and only some very faint marks on the clasp. Please...
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    Sold WATCH SALE!

    Some unforeseen events/death in the extended family has left me in a bind. I rather not spill my guts so basically I need the extra cash to take care of everything that comes with this issue... 1. Hollowpoint/Orange face. Brand new never used just sized at the store but will...
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    Traded MM / TT Copper Face (Minute Machine / Time Tank) - GONE

    MM / TT Copper Face (Minute Machine / Time Tank) Used but in excellent condition. Has the typical scratches on the bottom of the wrist band (pic 2), and a surface scratch on the titanium casing (pic 3) Battery is in working condition (not sure when and if it was ever replaced since i'm not the...
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    Sold BNIB Black Face MM(Minute Machine)

    I am selling a BNIB and still in all the plastic Black Face MM for $850 USD G&S Shipped CONUS. There are obviously no scratches, dents, dings, bumps, bruises, etc. as it has never left the warmth of the nest :) No International shipping at this time because of weight and value of item. Not...
  29. The_Darkone

    What could it be.....

    Hmmm just a little tease first.... Ok so now the reveal..... Thank you Las Vegas Towne Square 081!!!!! Big thanks to Brandon and Christian!!!!!
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    Buying Buy or trade for time bomb minute machine

    Wanting to trade or buy a minute machine or time tank, no leather band, Looking for either a black, Silver or blue face. I have lots to trade oakley wise and also have a moto 360 smartwatch leather band and a samsung galaxy gear 2 that I could trade off on also. Thanks in advance here is a link...