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    For Sale Minute Machine Red Dial 2 gen

    minute machine watch with box minimal usage details nothing serious perfect functioning $ 1100 shipping worldwide
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    Buying Buying Oakley Jury watch, New or Like new in box

    Hi All, Looking to buy an Oakley jury watch... Must be new or like new in box. Let me know if you are selling Thanks!
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    For Sale TimeBomb 1 Replacement Wrist Pads

    Hey everyone, Let me introduce myself. I have been a member here awhile but haven't been around in the last few years, sorry! You may remember me as the guy who did most of the custom lens laser etching. (I may start that up again). Anyways, I recently starting building my collection back up and...
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    Sold Oakley Time Bomb 2 II 10th Anniversary Edition

    Hello Oakleyforum, I'm not so active here but I'm a well known collector. So don't be scared about my zero sales / feedback here. I just thought I give it a try to sell this gem here. Okay, here we have a barely used Time Bomb 2. It is a very clean watch. Only small signs of wear on the...
  5. Tavers

    Time Bomb II value

    It pains me to consider selling this, but I may have to. To be clear, this is not a for sale thread. I'm simply trying to figure out the value of this watch. It's serial 350. I have the display box, the outer black box, but don't have the outer white box. It also features the small booklet...
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    For Sale Great Damn Condition - 12 Guage Watch - 500. + Watch Valut

    Up for sale one of my favorite items. Looking/asking for 600. (with watch display box) or 500. with watch vault. Its in great condition and crystal is pristine. The only "scuffing" is on the wrist locking section. Look at photos... impress your friend (s). women will swoon. :) O Review...